The point of this blog

I want to remember and more importantly I want my loved ones to remember.  I love reminising and remembering the good ol’ day s so thats why this blog was created.

I want to show my kids one day just how much we loved, we laughed, we saw and we lived.  I want this blog to be a reminder of what our family did and achieved in 2011 and the years after.  I want to share the photo’s that are taken and one day I want them to look at this blog and smile and *know”  they belonged.  I want this blog to be a reminder to myself because I often forget just how much I have and how blessed we are.  

I suppose a good way to start off the blog would be just to jump right into it and post some of my favourite photo’s taken in Juta Street, Braamfontein yesterday.  We went to the launch of the “Good Afternoon Sessions” ~ The next Good Afternoon session welcomes vintage clothing and a jewellery pop up, an awesome mini exhibition, Post lunch, wors rolls, soft serve ice-cream and great music with Bongeziwe Mabandla and Gil Hockman. 

It was interesting.  I love Joburg, it has a certain vibe that you don’t get in suburbia.

70 Juta ~ where it all happened……..

I thought this would be an appropriate ending of “remember when’s” first post ~

When we were in our youth
we had dreams that we could fly
we had friends that weren’t visible
and love that never died

and as we grow old & felt the pain
but we always knew the truth
that love would heal if we stayed true
to the dreams of our youth.

(from Neon trees – Our War)


9 thoughts on “The point of this blog

  1. Love it Fee!!! I know you will always make a success of whatever you do in life and a blog like this is going to be awesome. Can’t wait to see the next installment xxx
    PS reminds me of ‘Remember when we were young…’ By The Parlotones :)

  2. Sue that’s exactly where I got the idea from….I was listening to their album in my car last week and that’s what inspired me to start the blog up :-)

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