They say things happen in three’s

They were right!

This weekend was quite a momentous day for a certain 2 year old in the de Souza household.  Zoe made a wee in the big toilet AND both Donovan and I were there to witness it.  It was a teeny tiny trickle but a trickle nevertheless and I think we can safely say we have taken our first step on our journey to potty training.  She was obviously very chuffed with herself, decided she liked this taste of independence and therefore took it a step further and decided she didn’t need mommy or daddy’s help in the pool anymore.  She is now swimming all by herself (assisted by her polly otter of course) 

Which leads to the third thing….she is now stringing a 3 word sentence together which mommy is so relieved about!  This is a little girl at 18 months who wouldn’t couldn’t say one audible word to stringing three together. I’m very proud of that sentence even though the 3 words were “NO, get away” and it was directed at me.  I still love her.

Here is 1 photo of our subject for today (taken with iphone’s plastic bullet)

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do ~ Andy Warhol


2 thoughts on “They say things happen in three’s

  1. Awesome news Fee!! Zoe is soooooo cute – love her to bits! I got ‘Suuuuuuuue come seeeeeeee’- that is watching barney for the 48th time hee hee

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