Tuesday evening, chocolate cake and red wine

Tuesday nights are fun especially if it’s spent at Bambanani with friends.  We went out for dinner to celebrate a friends daughters 8 birthday.  It’s not your usual spot or time to have a birthday party considering it’s a school night but it was fantastic.

Bambanani is definitely not your normal run of the mill family restaurant…it’s trendy, classy, has a style of it’s own and yet it’s kid friendly and in my opinion, more so than Spur.  I love the décor and there is a certain cuteness of walking into their stylish bathrooms and seeing a toddlers potty training step in front of the toilet, or a cot next to the cocktail bar, or pureed vegetables being served by the waiter alongside the adults Morroccan lamb served over spicy couscous.  I could keep singing their praises but this isn’t what this post about, it’s about the awesome evening we spent with friends having conversations around the dinner table, red wine, buckets of chilled beers, chocolate cakes, giggling children, birthday songs and presents.

A two year old who had decided it wasn’t fun to play with the older kids anymore and wanted to go home…

Needless to say I’m worse for wear this morning and I’m sure both the kids are too.  It was worth it and will be added to another memory created for 2011.


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