Peyton turns 1

A year ago we welcomed this gorgeous little girl into our family. 

This time last year she was a precious bundle of newborn and today she is a pretty, petite and ever so content little baby girl.  Kim’s girls seem to have a thing with bum crawling…it’s really the cutest thing and you won’t believe how fast she can get around on her bum.  Another year or two the girls (Dakota, Zoe and Peyton) are going to play so nicely together ~ it’s going to be great to see them grow up together.

We went to celebrate the day at Irene Dairy Farm and it was lovely!  Jonathan my sisters eldest was up from Boarding school for the weekend, my mom and aunt were there, Kim, Michael and Dakota were there and Michael’s mom from the UK.  The food was yummy, the chilled wine under the tree was moreish and it was great spending time with close family.

Peyton contemplating this thing called a birthday candle and what to do with it (may this be the first of many many more)

Waking up after her nap


Last but not least…the Dairy Farm just won’t be a Dairy Farm without cows

Now I need to dash out and see Master Ethan who was booked in the hospital for observation last night.  That is a whole other post by itself and I’ll update soon!


One thought on “Peyton turns 1

  1. Awww!! That is such an awesome photo with her and the candle!
    Happy birthday little Peyton!
    I need to go there too!! Haven’t been to Irene Dairy in years!

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