Accidents happen so quickly!

When your husband is friendly with the school receptionist and knows her by name it could be one of a few things but in our case it’s because Ethan has spent a lot of time in the sick room this term and Donovan is the one that gets the call to pick him up. They are building new sports ground and the dust is setting off his allergies which are setting off all sorts of other funnies including chest infections, tonsillitis and eye infections. He has probably missed at least a day of school every week since the second week of January.

When I called the school yesterday to say he won’t be coming in for this week Suzanne (we are also on a first name basis now) and I were in agreement that this poor boy really needs a break now. Only this time there was nothing to prevent what happened…he was basically in the wrong place at the wrong time on Sunday.

We were celebrating Connors 4th birthday party at Jeanette’s house and the kids had just climbed off the slippery slide to jump into the pool. They were literally in the pool for less than 5 minutes before another little girl dive bombed and landed on Ethan’s back. He lost consciousness and before I even knew how serious it was, Lance jumped in and fished him out. By the time he reached the surface he had regained consciousness and luckily for us there were two paramedics at the party who were by Ethan’s side within seconds. Carl and Nicole are Jeanette’s brother and sister in law and they were awesome with him! Not once did he seem scared and I was unusually calm given the circumstance but I knew he was in safe hands. I had seen him move his arms and legs which was a huge relief when he was pulled out of the water. They checked him out and decided to call an ambulance because he was complaining of pain on his spine and neck and didn’t want to take any chances. The ambulance arrived within 10 minutes and carefully strapped Ethan in.

(Photo’s taken by Jeanette)

Ethan, Zoe and I got to travel in the back to Flora Life in the West Rand. The doctor on duty in the trauma unit was great and even though she explained why they were being so cautious I remember just thinking he is going to be okay and I didn’t manage to take in all the medical terminology. He was sent for x-rays. There were no visible breaks and the only thing that they picked up was swelling around his spinal cord. He was booked in for the night for observation and to see the Neuro surgeon in the morning so he could be given the all clear.

Morning Shmorning! By 1 o clock in the afternoon the neuro surgeon still hadn’t arrived and the nurses weren’t very forthcoming with what time we could expect him either. So I insisted they give me the doctor’s number so I could speak to his secretary. Needless to say the nurses got on the phone to track him down and within 5 minutes the doctor was in the paediatric ward to see Ethan. Apparently Ethan wasn’t on his list of patients to see that day and he was quite fed up that no-one had let him know. Ethan had just fallen asleep so I had to wake him to get his check up. He woke up very groggy and kept moaning…my heart sank and I thought NO Ethan, don’t do this or this man is going to think you are not okay and keep us in for another night. The doctor was speaking to the nurse so I gave him a quick stern talking to and within a few seconds he was usual chirpy Ethan (Thank heavens!)

The doctor did his thing and once all the tests were done announced we could go home. His main concern is that the swelling needs to go down without adding other injuries to it. He knows how rough boys can be so his been booked off school for a week and his not allowed to do any sports this term. The best news is that there will be no permanent damage *if* he looks after himself the next week or two. I hurried down to the Neuro surgeons rooms to get his doctor note and by the time I got back to paediatrics Ethan and another 10 year old were playing kung fu. Can you friggin’ believe it just after we both told him to BE CAREFUL!

So Mr Accident prone is home safe and sound and I’ve never been more grateful for a little boy that can run and zoom around the house as I am now.

I’m going to be calling our friend Suzanne again today to find out if we can pick up the school work his going to miss. I’m sure she won’t be surprised to hear us calling again …who knows by the end of the year we can start calling each other “old” friends.


11 thoughts on “Accidents happen so quickly!

  1. So glad he is doing well, and that there is no permanent damage. Unfortunately, with accidents like that, you just can’t take the chance,hence him being trussed up like a turkey!

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