The days after the accident

I think Ethan has been relishing in all the attention the last couple of days.

The emails, the sms’s and the calls from friends and family.

The chocolate cake, doughnuts and ferrero rocher chocolates from Nana.

Spending the day at daddy’s work today playing on his ipad and watching movies… and probably drinking too many fizzy cold-drinks too!

But the one that touched my heart the most is the visit from the dad whose little girl accidently jumped on Ethan’s back on Sunday.  He came to visit him at home yesterday when I was back at work to cheer him up.  He works for special task team and took Ethan for a ride in his very fast, black car. Ethan’s eyes grew wider when he told me at the dinner table that they did the whole complex in “15 seconds mom!!!!”

The visit also included a very big gift. A gift that’s perfect for an 8 year old boy.  It’s noisy and it moves fast….sounds a lot like the little boy in subject actually  ;-)

Sorry the photo was taken in the dark because daddy took it to work today.

Ethan with his new toy (this should give you the idea of how big it is!)

We’ve been taking turns playing with it and it’s actually really cool.  The cherry on the top is that it has rechargeable batteries, which means it’s the gift that keeps giving right now. 

Thanks so much Danna and Ryan. 

Danna really has been so supportive and kind throughout this ordeal.  She has definitely gone the extra mile to try and make up for the accident to the point of even phoning Big Concerts to see if there was any way she could get us two U2 tickets for the show in Cape Town on Friday.  I honestly would have felt too bad to accept a gift like that but I do appreciate the thought behind it.  Accidents happen anytime and to anyone. Someone up there was looking out for both of our family’s. I believe we are walking away from this a little wiser and I know we are definitely counting our blessings.

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.  ~Author Unknown


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