Impromptu eating out

I love last minute decisions to eat out. 

I was supposed to make chicken schnitzel which I had taken out to defrost but I came home to a rather empty kitchen.  Tomorrow pest control is going to take care of the pests that are living in our tupperware cupboard so the pots, pans, handy andy, spices, kitchen cleaner, knives, forks, salad bowls, toaster and basically everything else you can think of but “not the kitchen sink” is packed on my dining room table.  Yes I’m lazy and I suppose I could have made a plan to still make dinner but the sound of pizza just sounded alot more inviting, especially if you are supposed to be on a diet.  I phoned the hubby who suggested taking the kids to doppio and he offered to pay….bonus!

So we packed the 3 kids in the car including a little visitor called Josh.  This little man has stolen my 2 year olds heart and I couldn’t ask for a nicer boy to be her “first” love.  He is so good with her and she just loves him to bits.  Whenever I mention that we are going to visit Sue she pops up and screams “YAY JOSH” and starts dancing.  She really comes out of her shell when his around too and I can’t believe how her demeanour changes…tonight at the dinner table she took the one kiddies menu that Ethan was looking at and promptly told him no, grabbed it and gave it to Josh.  She is most protective over him too ~ it’s the cutest thing! 

It was a good evening.  The kids played, cold-drinks were spilt, cheesy pizza’s were eaten, iced beer was served, the boys giggled and kept sneaking smelly cheese on the other ones pizza but it was eaten anyway and fun was had!

A few pics I sneaked in after the bill was paid with Donovan’s iphone.  I can’t wait until it’s  mine but I can play with it in the meantime…

Ethan, Josh and Zoe in the play area

Doppio Zero


4 thoughts on “Impromptu eating out

  1. Aaaawwww Fee love your story telling and pics!! Am glad Zoe loves Josh cos she is just gorgeous :)
    PS sorry about the tears hehe

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