Spicy meatballs, red wine and lazy Sunday afternoons

Before I begin I would like to set the record straight ~ the only time my afternoon was actually lazy yesterday afternoon was when Zoe was taking her afternoon nap. Otherwise I was kept busy, but it was a good busy. We got home from church in my sisters big van (Hyundai H1) It was very cool and I would have loved to take a pic of it but I just don’t have a big enough wide angle lens! Okay jokes aside I honestly thought the Scenic was as big as I would go but I could so drive one of these too. Unfortunately it would be wasted on us as 5 out of the 9 seats would be vacant most of the time and it’s definitely not a reason to have more children either as my husband pointed out!

Once we parked the van and Kim didn’t unearth all of the bricks on the side of our pavement I started lunch. I was trying a new recipe “Spicy Lamb Meatballs” served in pita with rocket, coriander, peppers and tzatzika. My new favourite find is this food blog ~ http://simply-delicious.co.za/ and I found the recipe here, amended it slightly and I thought it was quite yummy. I just love her recipes and this is the first of many I want to try out in the next couple of weeks. I think her blog also won the food blog of 2010…I’m definitely going to be voting for it again this year.

My meatballs just before we started dishing up

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing in the sun (when the smaller ones were sleeping that is), chatting, laughing and spending a “lekker” summers afternoon together. We also had a surprise visit from friends who were on their way home from Lanseria back from a trip to the North Coast. They picked up two bottles of red and we enjoyed both out in the garden watching the kids swim, sit on the trampoline eating their easter eggs and just being kids.

The older ones are at such a nice age now where they seem to sort out their disagreements without running to us to play mediator but I can’t say much for the younger ones. Luke Sky Walker (yes that’s his real name ;) ) was playing with the lite saber outside like most Jedi knights do and my little 2 year old wouldn’t have any of that thing called sharing…it is her big brother sword and whatever is in the house is automatically hers, you see. She just hasn’t grasped this sharing concept yet! So it looks like we’ll be playing mediator for a few more years.  Otherwise everyone got on just fine even the adults :)

It was a good way to end the weekend and I’m already planning the next one…so much to look forward too!

Final thought for today…


3 thoughts on “Spicy meatballs, red wine and lazy Sunday afternoons

  1. I’m so glad you liked the recipe and thank you SO much for the kind word about my blog. I just love hearing such lovely things from my readers. Glad you liked the meatballs. :)

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