Catching moments like this are rare

You need to weigh up the pros and cons.

You have to ask yourself do I *really* need to get this shot of her sleeping?

There is always a chance as soon as you open the bedroom door the squeakiness of it is going to stir a sleeping baby and worse yet wake them up. If that’s not going to wake her up the clicking of the camera certainly will. These moments of freedom where Zoe is napping for 2 hours on a Saturday or a Sunday, is bliss. Don’t get me wrong we really enjoy the moments she is awake but it is tiring. It’s wonderful to be able to do whatever you like for those few hours without having to worry about chasing her to get her bum changed, having to look interested in the Telletubbies and pouring the seventy eighth cup of “Choosh” for the day because this child could live on liqui fruit alone. At least I can fall asleep at night knowing she’s had her Liqui fruit for the day even though she didn’t eat the Woolies kiddies meals that I tried to serve her for supper that has hidden peas and carrots…we can always try again tomorrow.

Needless to say the camera did wake her up. It was okay though because we needed to be somewhere so I killed two birds with one stone.

She doesn’t seem very impressed that I woke her up does she?


7 thoughts on “Catching moments like this are rare

  1. I totally agree with you. I too love it when my youngest sleep for an hour on a Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately my son is over the nap thing but at least my youngest is still napping :) Enjoy it while you can, as I am sure you do now.

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