Arts on Main

Central Joburg has a certain vibrancy about it that I don’t feel anywhere else in the city. I’m not sure what it is that creates this feeling because to be honest the majority of the buildings are dirty, vacant and polluted. In the last few years there has been a quite a bit of money pumped into it though and a lot of reconstruction, rebuilding and rejuvenation has taken place. If we were younger and didn’t have kids I would seriously think about moving into one of the new upgraded buildings. I’ve always wanted to live in the inner city and I’m sure I would make a great resident for a place like London or New York City but I live in SA so Joburg would have to do!

Yesterday we took a drive into Fox Street and spent the best part of the day at Arts on Main

Arts on Main offers multiple creative experiences in one venue. Features include a restaurant, event and exhibition spaces, an outdoor cinema and a rooftop bar.

Developed in a newly converted early 1900s bonded warehouse, Arts on Main aims to preserve the historical aspects of the building and contribute to the Johannesburg CBD’s urban regeneration.

It was awesome and it will no doubt become a favourite Sunday afternoon destination.  Even if it’s simply just to go back and eat their Mexican Taco’s.  I can say that those were the most delicious Taco’s I’ve ever tasted and if anyone knows me they know I have a soft spot for any kind of Mexican food.  These were out of the world and the chef took such pride in them too. We didn’t manage to go back for seconds but no doubt we’ll be back again soon.


The kids were as well behaved as any 8 and 2 year old could be and we managed to enjoy the day without any tantrums, screaming or embarrassment.  It’s not pram friendly so Zoe was “set free” so to say and she enjoyed it thoroughly.  They ate ice-creams, drank Frankies lemonade and played in the vintage car on the rooftop bar.

We walked around the market.  There were food stalls selling all sorts of yummy goodies, flower stalls, wine stalls, vintage clothing stalls, a second hand book and print shop and lots more.

We saw two photo exhibitions.  

We drank Mojito’s in the sun.

It was a good way to end the weekend off.


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