What the de Souza’s got up to this week

  • One of the things on my Happiness Project for 2011 is to try out new recipes, so this week I tried out Cornflake chicken and it was a huge hit. I got the recipe from Simply Delicious again…I love love love her blog! The recipes are easy to follow and always come out very edible.
  • Zoe has been sick this week but not sick enough to warrant a doctors visit. Her new thing is to call out “mom” all the time and my heart melts each and every time she says it. She says it so clearly, so loudly and with so much conviction. I just love this little person so much!
  • Donovan has been putting in a lot of overtime at work. My very clever husband is not only creative but it looks like his quite the sales man just like his dad was ~ his been signing off deals left right and centre. That means he is out of the office a lot more which results in him not being on- top of all the jobs he is supposed to be managing, which in turn means working late nights. I’m super proud of him though because his been given an awesome increase which mean we might just be able to have some spending money for our Thailand trip in September.
  • Ethan is having a much deserved play date today and we are taking the boys bowling this evening. He called me into his room last night after I had tucked him into bed to tell me that he couldn’t fall asleep because he was so excited for today. He said it felt like Christmas eve. Oh the excitement of being an eight year old boy.
  • I bought 14 vouchers from Outer Limits and each voucher entitles a person to 12 oysters. I first started by buying 4 and then I bought another 6 two hours later and then that evening after a little bit more consideration I bought under 4. I know this sounds a bit over the top but each voucher only cost R12 which means R1 an oyster. In my opinion it’s a special that can’t be ignored so I took full advantage of it.
  • It’s the Cansa Shavathon at work today. I opted to colour my hair instead of shaving it off and now I’m sporting bright pink lines in my hair. It actually looks quite cool and it was done in loving memory of my gran “Phyllis Scott” and my father in law “Eddie de Souza” who both lost the battle to Cancer.

That wraps it up for this week.


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