Bowling and date night

One of my favourite things to do with Ethan is to take him bowling. I’m not sure why though because honestly I’m no good at it ~ I really have no bowling style whatsoever but in spite of that I still have a good time. The boys had fun trying to beat each other, clapping and cheering when the other one got a strike, looking sad when they didn’t and congratulating each other when they beat me by over 20 points each. It was a fun evening!

Saturday was date night for Donovan and I. This means close to 24 hours of going to places that don’t have kiddies area’s, staying out late, ordering a bottle of wine without rushing it, eating in peace, sleeping in and just enjoying each others company without having to be a mom or dad for a few hours. My mom, bless her soul, drives through on Saturday morning and leaves on Sunday and we really do take full advantage of it.

I bought a stunning red dress from Big Blue which I wore with my new brown suede boots. It felt good to dress up for a night on the town with my hubby.

We started off the evening at Jollys in Parkhurst having drinks with a friend. We said our good-byes and decided to drive around Greenside and Melville to find a place that caught our fancy. We decided on “Melon” in Melville. It’s a chic, stylish restaurant that used to be the old Café Mezza Luna which is one of our old haunts in our younger days. The main dining area has an oversized painting called the “Lady of the Orient” overlooking the restaurant and she is holding a large slice of watermelon which sets the mood.

The menu is French cuisine and we both opted to have the fillet with madagascan pepper sauce. We had such an enjoyable evening over good red wine and good conversation. After our dinner at Melon we popped into one of our favourite places in Melville “The Ant” and enjoyed one last glass of red wine for the evening. Melville will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first “home” after moving out of home. Donovan and I moved into a quaint little cottage just under the Melville Koppies when we were 21 and shortly after that we bought our first apartment in the area too. It will always remind me of our first taste of independence, cocktails after work at Ratz, drinking Ginger Beer at Cool Runnings on a Sunday afternoon, dinners at the Jamaican Eatery, cheesy nacho’s at Buzz 9, our engagement party at the San Souci hotel, the local Beerfest at the German school across the road from our place, getting the news that I was pregnant with Ethan at the local medicross, bringing home our firstborn and so much more. Melville set the foundation for the start of our family and it was an awesome place to make our first memories together. It’s great that we have the opportunity to add to those memories even though we don’t live there anymore.


9 thoughts on “Bowling and date night

  1. Melville has to be one of my favourite places. I’d never been there until about 2 years ago when my mom was staying there for business nearby so I said I’d drive through from PTA to have dinner with her.

    It was love at first sight :)

  2. Stunning pics :) love reading your stories and all about your memories :) the dress looks great glad you had fun!!

  3. Oh I am all nostalgic now – Hunter and I met at the House of Coffees in Melville, way back 13 years ago….And I love Big Blue – you look stunning. In fact, just bought a tunic there 2 hours ago

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