Day and night

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

Sugar and spice and all things nice

I believe to a degree you can mould your children’s personality but for the most part they are born just the way they were meant to be.  Ethan and Zoe are as different as oranges and lemons and I don’t necessarily believe it’s a girl or boy thing but more about their nature.

One can sit in front of the telly all day playing games or watching TV.  The other loves being outside exploring and picking flowers.

One is a scatterbrain of note and has lost multiple pairs of school shoes in his short school career, this excludes a long list of other things that have cost us a small fortune replacing.  The other is very precious over her stuff and at the wee age of 2 will take her dummy out of her mouth and go put it in her bag at the day mother.

One loves to wander and when he was small he found great delight in running away from us, so much so that we’ve lost him quite a few times including the underground in London.  The other loves to be close.

One has self confidence and will spark a conversation with anyone willing to lend an ear.  The other shy’s away and only a select few have heard her speak, but mostly if you are a stranger she will stick her dummy in her mouth, give you a dirty look and come sit on mommy or daddy’s lap.

One is the boy.  The other is the girl.

All these little funny little quirks make them human, make them unique and make them who they are.  I remember worrying that I would never love another child as much as I loved Ethan before having Zoe but looking back now, I get what the other moms said to me about loving them differently.  Our capacity to love more than one person goes further than that, it also allows us to love people for different reasons.  Yes there are times that their little quirks drive me up the wall especially like today when there is a concert at the school this evening and we spent an hour on Saturday looking for new white takkies (as per the “dress code” we received from the school) for a certain 8 year old boy.  That certain 8 year old boy lost said shoes yesterday at school….ALREADY!  His been threatened to find them today or he’ll be walking on stage tonight bare foot.  I actually don’t know who’ll be more embarrassed, him or I but I have a good idea it won’t be him.  He’ll find the humour in it no doubt and I’ll want to hide under my chair when he comes on stage, so if he doesn’t bring them home I’ll be the frustrated rushed mom at Woolies tonight standing in the queue just before closing time with a pair of size 2 white takkies.  I’ll be cross and I’ll be upset with him but I know when he walks on stage tonight and he sings his little heart out my heart will be ready to explode with pride and we’ll go to bed tonight in the hopes that he’ll learn to be responsible one day. 

I’m looking forward to that day.


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