Heritage day

Fifty two years ago the South African police force killed 69 people at Sharpeville. 

Many were shot in the back. 

It made headlines around the world. 

Many leaders were arrested and went into exile.  Human rights were abused that day. Today we celebrate in hopes that such abuses never happen again.

We celebrated the public holiday at home. 

I was woken up just after 7 this morning to the sound of a very chirpy toddler singing I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family….this should be a familiar sound to any parent who lets their child watch the infamous purple dinosaur, and I can’t help but love the song more when my 2 year old tries to sing it.  I grudgingly got out of bed, grabbed the baby out of the cot, gave the baby a bottle, got dressed and packed the kids in the car. I decided the night before to take the kids to our local shopping centre because I heard that Pick and Pay were selling all sorts of different and colourful gum boots.  I couldn’t resist the calling so fifteen minutes before the store even opened we were queuing.  It wasn’t my lucky day ~ not only didn’t they have my size but they didn’t have my daughters size either.  It started off as a sad Heritage day for the de Souza girls. 

Hope wasn’t lost!  Woolworths has started stocking their new winter range of kids clothes so we most definitely didn’t go home empty handed.  I walked into Woolworths under the pretense that I’ll be buying bread and milk for the week ahead and walked out with one Hello Kitty nightgown, one Hello Kitty stockings, two other pairs of stockings, fleecy boys pyjama’s and a red and blue basketball hoody for Ethan.  Oh and the bread and milk too.  This year I’ve decided to brace the change of season and I’m welcoming Winter with open arms.  I can’t wait to wear boots, three quarter big blu skirst and fleecy polar necks.  

The new attire

The rest of the day was spent chilling.

Zoe playing with her lego.


Making a favourite dish.  Roasted Pork Belly with Caramelised Onions.


Trying out our new soda stream.  It’s been a hit and I love that ka-swoosh sound once you release the bottle.  It brings back memories.


To end off the lazy day we took the kids to Milky Lane.  I love their motto: Like life, ice-cream is for enjoying.  We definitely enjoyed it!


Happy Heritage day.


4 thoughts on “Heritage day

  1. You had a great day (btw – Human rights day(my hubbys bday)- heritage day is in September (the day after my boys’ bday). See, we like our public holiday weekends! LOL!

    I got the Princess some of those boots last year and was hoping to get some for me this year – I think they do get stock later again.

    1. Oh my word ~ you are right…it’s human rights day not heritage day! Can I just crawl into a hole right now, I’m so embarrassed. Thanks for the correction, I don’t think I’ll make that mistake again hehe

  2. What a lovely day! Your little boy’s hoody is adorable!
    Can’t wait to have kids one day, am currently planning on 3 maybe 4 but I’m assuming that the wind will have been significantly knocked out of my sails after the first has arrived :)
    I spent my day off at a mate’s house playing with her puppy then made some home made sushi, heaven!

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