Dora can lead to tantrums

Little humans can be so humorous. In particular my 2 year old daughter.

She has this certain partiality towards a doll called Dora the Explorer. The little obsession began when my sister gave her a pair of Dora Explorer Pyjama’s and then we fueled it by taking her to see Dora at the Zoo in December. It was further ignited by a Dora Doll and a Dora clock my friend bought her from the UK in January. So in my husband’s wisdom last night he decided to be a nice guy and google pictures of Dora so she could look at them. Excited could be the word you could use to sum up her first expression but slowly but surely it turned into frustration, irritation and extreme dissatisfaction. I can’t say why to be honest. Why would something that makes you happy one second, all of a sudden make you unhappy the very next second? I can only rack my adult brain and imagine she wanted Dora out of the laptop or she wanted the pictures to move like they do on the Cartoon channels on DSTV. She threw herself to the floor, kicked, screamed and called out for her beloved Dora who was trapped in the evil computer . We managed to calm her down but whenever she got a glimpse of Donovan’s laptop she would start the whole process again. It was a funny site and I giggled more than once.

I know I’m not supposed to laugh when my daughter throws tantrums and my husband gives me the beady eye when I do, but can you imagine if we acted like that when we didn’t get our way? There are definite times I feel like having a tantrum mind you especially when

the taxi driver catches you off guard and pushes himself in front of you when you’ve been waiting in an hour long queue to get off the highway or,

when you ask to sign your older sons homework and he informs you once again his left it on his desk or,

you get told you can go home early by the MD and when you get back to your desk your boss has forwarded you a bunch of work to do before the weekend or,

you find iron marks on your new favourite item of clothing or, or, or…..

Yet we restrain ourselves because we know if we don’t, we, ourselves will be laughed at. I am relishing this age even though it does come with a dash of whine and a dollop of trantrum. With the good comes the bad and as much as I love the good I try and enjoy the bad too.

If you have some bandwidth please watch this You Tube Clip of a boy that doesn’t want to waste a tantrum if no-one is looking ~ it’s brilliant!


4 thoughts on “Dora can lead to tantrums

  1. Oh how I wish I could throw tantrums when things don’t go my way! It would certainly help in blowing off some steam. ;)

    Also, the image of your daughter crying because she was frustrated is kind of adorable.

  2. In my second life I want to come back as tantrum throwing toddler!!!

    At 32 I can still throw a tantrum and find it a really good release of energy :-p

    I giggle at Kiara aswell when she is mid tantrum!

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