Highlights of our weekend

What a whirlwind of a weekend but it’s been a good weekend in every sense of the word.

There were 10 of us seated in the Mandela Theatre on Friday night and not one of us could wipe the silly grins off our faces.   A certain Trevor Noah made our cheeks sore and our tummy’s ache from laughing so much.  The theatre was packed with all sorts ~ from grandmothers to students, highly paid executives to struggling artists, dark and light, big and small and yet he managed to ignite each and everyone’s funny bone no matter how controversial the subject.  It was good to sit in a theatre with hundreds of  South African’s and find the humour in the sometimes frustrating situations we find ourselves in. He captures the funny truths that exist in many of the cultures in SA and it’s good to make light of things that can often lead to negativity in this beautiful country.  

After the show we headed down to the News Café in the Theatre building and enjoyed more laughs and a few shooters with our good friends that joined us.


Saturday was a day of indulging and being pampered by two of the nicest people we have the pleasure of calling friends.  I met Madelein at work and even though we don’t work together anymore we have made an effort to stay friends and for that I’m very lucky.  They invited us over to spend the night at their picturesque small holding in Hartebeespoort and it was such a treat. 

Madelein and Leon are hosts that pamper you from the time you arrive until the time you leave.  They are the kind of friends  that will remember your favourite food from an arb conversation at work and serve it as a starter,  they will light the candles in your bathroom just before the sun goes down,  they will light incense in your room just before you arrive, they will make sure your glass is never empty, they will bring out two bottles of chilled water when you announce you are going to bed, even though it’s five in the morning but you’ve enjoyed their company so much the night flew like the white owl that flew over our heads while we were sipping our “something special” dessert drinks they made us after dinner.   It was a fabulous evening!

Sunday was spent saying good-bye to family but I’ll post about that another day.  A day that I can reflect on just how much can change in a short sweet year.

To end off this post I’m going to share a picture that makes my heart very happy.

Happiness is…..


7 thoughts on “Highlights of our weekend

  1. I love reading about your weekend. I wish I could capture ours in such words :-)

    Zoe looks just like Ethan in this photo…

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