Food. Glorious food.

Alida from fame was urging her readers to take the time to think of our own food memories, as she relived her own and told us about the big family Sunday lunches they would share.  I’ve been thinking about it the last day or two and food does conjure up a lot of memories for me too.  That’s why one of the things on my Happiness Project this year was to try out new recipes and invite friends and family over to enjoy it….whether it be a success or not, it will certainly be something to remember.  I find food so satisfying and that’s probably why I’ve always been on the chubby side of life.  It can even be more satisfying when you can share an appetizing meal with good company…accompanied by a good quality glass of red wine too. 

That’s how memories are created! 

I want my kids to look back and remember mommy’s home-made beef pie, the roast chicken served with their favourite sugary gem-squash, home-made flavorful meatballs and spaghetti…just to name a few of their “current” favourite dishes.  I want them to remember because the memories I have of food whilst growing up are some of my fondest childhood memories.

One of my favourite people growing up was my Gran.  I can’t put the way she loved us into words but she was the embodiment of kindness and the quintessence of soulfulness. Food was involved in many of the memories that I have of this special lady. I remember her little library / attic just off the lounge that was home to her home-made biltong that hung off string and paper clips.  I remember the apricot trees in the back yard and my grandfather who would collect the ones that had fallen at daybreak so my gran could make her legendary apricot jam and then she would bottle it and hand them out to friends and family so everyone could enjoy it.  I also remember her picking out the skin when she would make us jam sandwiches because we were young and we didn’t like the “pieces”.  I remember her frying steak in the kitchen on Saturday afternoons using no pan but just the oven element.  I remember her home-made rice puddings served with ideal milk.  I remember the aromatic soups and her dumplings. Best of all I remember our Christmas lunches and my favourite “favourite” was the gammon that dripped syrup and sweet cherries.  I used to love the days after Christmas too where we would savor the leftovers.

With the good comes the bad.  I was seven or eight when my dad forced me to sit at the dinner table until I ate my pea’s.  I went to bed after 10 that night deflated and with tear stained cheeks.  I’m not too sure if I ever did eat those pea’s.  To this day I will vigilantly pick them out if I’m eating out and I’m not sure if it’s because I was never going to grow fond of them or if it’s because it summons up that one bad memory.  I also know now my dad didn’t mean to be malicious.  I too have days where I wish I could force feed wholesome nutritious food down Ethan and Zoe’s throats instead of them constantly wanting toasted cheeses, pizza and burgers. 

Food can and does invoke a lot of emotion.  Not only does it feed your body but it can feed your soul too especially when memories are made from dinner parties, family lunches on a Sunday, Christmas lunches, birthday parties or a quiet picnic on the beach.    

In other news and because I can’t make a new post without including a photo or two, the size 10 purple ball was nowhere to be found on Saturday night *shock horror*.  Actually between my friend and I we just could not find a size ten ball at all so needless to say the boys totally obliterated us but we did have a few shining moments as well as a few strikes.  All in all we did well and there will definitely be a rematch….soon


Some food for thought ~ Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.  ~Jim Davis


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