Hello Kitty, Face painting and a little bit of birthday fun

A foofy slide, a jumping castle, a scooter track, a face painter, a hello kitty cake and a beautiful 5 year old is a perfect mix for a Saturday afternoon birthday party.

It did threaten to rain a few times and an hour before the party started I was sitting on the stoep listening to the distant roar of thunder and then the downfall started. I felt heavy hearted. I know that feeling all too well…worrying that your child’s party is going to be washed out but I hoped for the best anyway. My hope was endorsed and by the time we were a few blocks away from the party venue there was indeed blue sky peeking out from the ominous grey clouds that had us all worrying earlier on.

Our worries were put to rest. Not a drop of rain was seen or felt. The kids stood in line for the foofy slide, the littlies raced around the scooter track, they got dirty, they jumped, they hoola hooped and they got their faces painted. And to our delight the two small ones sat sit and we got to make our little girls pretty.

Aren’t these two just the sweetest little girls with their painted faces?

Another year. Another birthday tucked away. I hope my niece enjoyed her special day.

Welcome to your fifth year Dakota.


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