The countdown begins

Invitations designed. Emailed. Printed. Laminated. And handed out.

Now we wait for the rsvp’s to pour in, start scouting for décor and plan the eats which I’ll be attempting to make all by myself this year (attempting being the key word).  The cake I’ll leave to the experts just because I know when baking skills were handed out I must have been last in the queue.  Nevertheless I’ll work hard on the skills I was given and I’m hoping to make some lip-smacking wagon wheels, curried vetkoek, home-made pies and more.

I hope to make the day as special as I can for my extraordinary little boy who is growing up far too quick.  I  know these kind of parties have a shelf life and in a few years he won’t want the balloons, the streamers, the oversized multi colour birthday cake, bowls of sweets full of preservatives and all the bad stuff that kids just gravitate too, the birthday badge clipped onto his Ben 10 t-shirt….because in a few sweet years it won’t be cool anymore and he’ll be wanting more grown-up parties with girls, sleepovers, movies, dinners but until then I have a few more times to get it right and try make the day as amazing as he is.  Something he can look back on and will conjure up memories of birthday parties that were filled with family, friends, love, presents, chocolate icing, lollipops and fun!   

And once the party is done and dusted we, the adults have a frenzied couple of weeks lined up.  Somewhere along the line I gathered a group of friends who all celebrate their birthday in June so we have a calendar full of parties, parties and more parties.  It’s going to be an eventful month and in preparing for it, this weekend I’m planning to chill as much as possible.  Roll on weekend and don’t forget ~  Thursday is a stepping stone to Friday.

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.  ~Chili Davis


6 thoughts on “The countdown begins

  1. Sounds good Fee and yes I would leave the baking to the experts as I know what your baking is like, having had you as a partner in Home Economics :)

    1. You make me laugh Victoria. If we had focused on the task at hand instead of making a nuisance of ourselves with the fire extinguisher, maybe we could have been better students in Home Ec. Our time in high school always brings back good memories :)

  2. Sounds like much fun is going to be had :) I think if I were ever to become a parent I would bankrupt myself on all the fun stuff for kids parties (well for kids in general come to think of it)

    Good luck with the planning.

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