Out and about in Joburg

Every Sunday in the otherwise desolate Main Road in central Johannesburg a new food and design market has emerged where everyday bored Joburgers can shop, eat and hang out under the olive tree’s armed with a chilled, mint infused mojito.  Which we did!

The array and selection of food is a feast for the eyes.  The selections range from Asian wraps, home-made chicken and ginger soups, Lyndt chocolate cupcakes, a Ethiopian food stall and one of the main reasons we went back this Sunday and will keep going back…the best tasting Mexican taco’s filled with beans, corn, salsa, beef, pineapple, onion and a dash of lime.  We went back after an hour and had another. 

Once your appetite has been satisfied by the diverse fine food downstairs you can make your way upstairs to the art gallery and vendor-filled room on the top level where we discovered a stall that had the most vibrant, colourful , energetic canvases of central CBD.  Taken by street children. If you are interested in supporting them then go here.  It’s an awesome business initiative by iwasshot in joburg.

The eclectic spaces, the bohemian stalls, the canteen that serves hand-brewed German Beer, the lemon and olive tree’s that give shade to the many visitors are just a few of the things that I find intriguing about this breathe of new life that’s been blown into the city centre.

And now I need to vent a little.

How did my {baby} girl grow up so quickly? 

One of the supposed incentives of having a girl is I’m allowed to dress her up and take photo’s of her in the carefully picked out outfits I had the pleasure of shopping for.  She is only two years old and she’s taken this away from me *sob* *sob*

She only wants to wear Dora.  Shock horror!

Not only does she insist on what she wears on the weekend now she also doesn’t pose for me anymore so alas I only have one picture of her from our trip out.  I was told “no more mommy” and she walked away.  I wander when she’ll be old enough so I can start bribing her to model for me??? ;-)


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  1. sleepyjane says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on the market – I emailed the link to a bunch of my friends. It’s the perfect way to pass a Sunday morning or afternoon. :)

  2. That market looks amazing!! Must make a plan to go past there at a stage.

    Zoe is just adorable! She has grown into a real little madam now.

  3. Victoria says:

    Sounds just like Gerry. He has a wardrobe full of different lovely t-shirts and collared shirts but no there are only a couple of Peppa Pig or builder t-shirts he will wear. Also, at meal time he insists on a blue spoon to eat his food with and we only have 2 of them so it is a big drama when they are in the dishwasher.

    1. Fiona says:

      LOL Vicky, these kids are going to make us grey! Zoe will only eat “Garney” food which translates to Barney Food…ie. any food in her Barney bowl and when that’s in the dishwasher then the sky is falling and the world is going to end.

      At least you still have Chloe that you can dress up without too many hassles…for the time being :)

  4. blackhuff says:

    That look like an awesome market – just a pity it is so far from us :(

  5. The market looks stunning/ Don’t worry, Dora will be over soon – mine is now on to the more “hip” side of things.And the not pose thing, that also changes. Just a phase.

  6. alidaonline says:

    That market looks fantastic. Going to keep it in mind for when I’m on that side of Gauteng again.

    Your little girl is adorable.

  7. Laura says:

    I am so desperate to go to this market!!!

    Had to laugh at Zoe! Kiara also never let me dress her!

  8. I still have to go there!! Ooh actually, I haven’t got a shoot on Sunday :)) YAY!!
    LOL at Zoe… it’s better than Barbie! :)

  9. kim says:

    Zoe is so funny!

    Wow, that Market looks amazing. Is it every Sunday?

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