A Beer Fiesta

You could say my husband has a certain fondness for beer.  Okay let’s not beat around the bush, he loves the stuff!  This love for the golden hops drink inspired him to learn how to brew it himself and I being the good wife that I am bought him his first brewing kit for Christmas last year.  This tiny little hobby has now taken over my kitchen at least two Sundays of the month while my husband formulates his own beer and once the brew has been bottled we wait in anticipation to try out the new batch. 

So when Donovan got news of a certain solstice beer festival that was taking place a week before his birthday it meant we had to call the troops together and go celebrate. 

The festival was out in Broederstroom and it had a wide range of micro-breweries which included Mitchells, Gilroys, Nottingham road and Copperlake.  It was great fun trying out the different collection of beers and I know without a doubt my favourite was the sweet ginger beer which I’m hoping a certain home-brewer I know will give it a try if he loved his wife *wink* *wink* (ie hint…hint) .  Other favourites of the day were the Naked Mexican, the Milk and Honey and our trusty Gilroys traditional.  

When we weren’t trying out the beer we were trying out the food.  Pizza, chips on a stick and thai curry wraps were the line-up for the day. 

In-between that we played musical chairs on the blanket that we squashed amid the crowds for our group of friends.  We chatted, we introduced new friends and we celebrated.  We listened to musicians on the back of an old truck, watching the sun set and soaked up the festivities of the day.

We really do have an awesome set of rockstar friends!  

A funny just to cheer you up on a Monday ~

Sir, if you were my husband, I would poison your drink.
-Lady Astor to Winston Churchill
Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it.
-His reply

{Donovan I hope you had a good birthday celebration…}


9 thoughts on “A Beer Fiesta

  1. We had a blast!! Your pics are awesome as always Fee – you capture the spirit of the moment perfectly :)
    The ginger beer was delish so if your hubby makes some best you let me know hehe

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