I looked through the porthole…


..and I see a younger more self-conscious version of myself.  I’m blushing, I’m embarrassed and my heart is racing 100 beats per minute.  Why you ask?  It’s speech time.

I loathed orals.  They were torture to my teenage self especially when you were trying to pull off a bad girl image!  You couldn’t exactly stand up and say an exceptional speech because that would mean you took time out to prepare it and back in those days I just didn’t do stuff like that.  Being unprepared is bad enough but then add my friend Victoria to the mix and you have big trouble.  Big trouble in the form of her sabotaging my speech even further. I wasn’t able to make eye contact with the class in case I accidently caught sight of her and her pranks, which she knew would throw me into fits of laughter.  So I would say on average my speech was either un-prepared, lent or unfinished because I was sent back to my desk by an indignant English teacher for being rude by laughing in the middle of my speech (with a little bit of snorting if it became uncontrollable).  Which brings me to the reason why I remembered this, my son has to prepare a speech for Monday. 

So today, now that I’m a little older and maybe a little wiser I’ve been researching “seahorses” because that’s what he see’s through his oceanic porthole.  The theme for the speech. Thanks to my friend Google I have an inventory of fascinating little facts on these tiny sea creatures and I hope my little man is able to blow away his third grade teacher by mommy’s findings.  Did you know male seahorses give birth to their young?  That fact alone is amazing!  In my next life I want to be a seahorse….I certainly don’t miss being pregnant, one bit.

Trivia on the side, I know my boy is going to be just fine.  My little man doesn’t have a shortage of confidence or coolness.  He’ll take a mediocre speech, make it his own and turn it into something wow.  So even if my findings are mediocre he’ll be okay. 

Until he hits high-school.  And rebels.  Get’s up to mischief. Bunks. Has unprepared speeches.

Oh boy I don’t even want to consider the fact that he might follow in my footsteps.  Granted I wasn’t all bad and I think I turned out all right but it’s still a chilling thought nevertheless.  For now I’ll be thankful for the present and hopeful for the future.  It’s all we can do at the end of the day.

So good luck my boy.  Here’s to future “prepared” speeches!!! 


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  1. Nicci says:

    Awww good luck to him. I have to giggle I never pictured you as rebellious!!

    1. Fiona says:

      Alot of people don’t Nicci but the people from my past will tell you differently. I’ve grown up alot but I still have my “naughty” side :)

  2. Orals used to be one of the things I could actually do – rather unprepared. Good luck to him

  3. Nes says:

    It must be one of the best times to be a Grade 3 teacher: all those little people with their speeches. Aww. Cute. I always helped my sister with her speeches- still do. And its such an awesome reward when they ‘practice’ to you.

  4. Sue says:

    I hated speeches with a passion! But never used to snort in the middle of them hee hee
    Josh had to do his first one the other day – brought back many memories blegh
    Good luck Ethan :)

  5. Melody says:

    Hey! So good to *meet* you, thanks for visiting (and commenting) on my blogs lately.

    Oi, I HATED orals, so weird cos I was not shy but somehow standing up and talking random crap in front of my classmates completely weirded me out.

    Even more bizarre to me is that my kids LOVE them. Like, LOVE LOVE them. They want to go FIRST when its oral time. They are in gr’s 1 and 4…I hope it stays that way but somehow I fear the loathing may set in later…. ;-)

  6. Nes says:

    Gave you an award, Fiona! Looking forward to the random facts :)

  7. Victoria says:

    That was so funny – was laughing out loud at work. I still remember it so clearly like it was yesterday and by the way you did the same to me, I would always end up snorting and laughing through my speeches too. Our school days were so much fun even though we didn’t get the best grades :)

  8. Laura says:

    I loved orals :) I even did public speaking once I got to high school!

    Kiara has no issues with it but Cameron gets soooo nervous

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