Birthday Weekends

Busy.  Tiring.  Hectic.  Eventful.

Yet I love birthday weekends.  We celebrated two more this weekend.  Two very special people turned 33 and 34 respectively.  A year apart but so close in my heart, both of them!

Donovan.  My husband.  My love.  My ally.  My supporter.  My good guy!      

Celeste.  My friend.  My partner in crime.  My fellow doors head banger.  My pick-me-up!

In the rush and scuttle of the weekend we crammed in as much as possible ~ celebrations for the birthday boy, celebrations for the birthday girl and time with the kids.  I spoilt my man by taking him out to a burger joint.  Yes I know not very romantic, stylish or elegant but their burgers don’t need any of that to make them the best burgers in town.  I had the Ala Mexicana stuffed with coriander and bean salsa, guacamole, crisp tortilla chips, pepper cheese sauce and a red pepper mayo.  Donovan had the Smokey Joe filled with smoked bacon, smoked mozzarella cheese, roasted balsamic onions and you guessed it..smoked paprika mayo.  Is your mouth watering yet?


If that wasn’t enough for the taste senses on Saturday, that evening we indulged ourselves in more good food, good company and good music.  We dined on succulent fillet topped with shavings of biltong and avo, we sipped on Manhattans and we jived to Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels. 

In between all of this I snuck the birthday girl out to give her, her pre-birthday present.  It’s impossible to go out with this friend without her ordering Jagermeisters every-time she gets a glimpse of the waiter.  So I bought two R12.99 mini bottles and we sipped them in the chilly parking lot of Rhapsody’s like real ladies.  I’m thinking we might need another two for the day she gets her actual present.  You see we are getting our second tattoo’s done together in a few weeks.  I’m looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. 

In less than 12 hours we went from Dr Victor’s “Gimme hope Jo’anna, hope, Jo’anna”  to the sounds of Watersheds acoustic melody’s at the Old Mutual Concert.  We went from showing off our dance beats on the dancefloor to chilling on picnic blankets at the botanical gardens.  The Watershed concert  was a good way to finish off the eventful weekend.  We watched the kids roll down hills, play I wrote a letter to my love, drew, have their face painted, climb tree’s and eat frozen yoghurts together. 

Once the band had packed up their gear and the sun was close to the horizon it was our cue to head off home.   Tired dirty kids strapped in the back, weary drained parents strapped up in the front.  All in all it was a good weekend.  What weekend isn’t when you celebrate another year spent with people you love! 


11 thoughts on “Birthday Weekends

  1. I am soooooo hunrgry. Like seriously- I didn’t each lunch and those burgers are so delicious looking. Mmmmn. Anyway, do you know how cool you are? Cause you really are very cool. Glad the weekend was awesome :)

  2. Christelle it’s a place called Grazers
    We go to the one down Lesley Rd in Douglasdale but I have heard they’ve just opened up another one in Montecasino. If you are ever in the are you “have” to try it out….you’ll be hooked :)

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