News in this hour…

This up-to-the-minute news update is brought to you by your mom

In breaking news a shiny red gadget has been spotted and seen in the hands of a 9 year old boy.  It appears the birthday savings in the envelope in the cupboard is now in the hands of a certain gum tree seller and in return we have a much anticipated gleaming red PSP.  Due to certain regrettable circumstances the gadget was not allowed to be used yesterday because someone didn’t do his chores on Monday. Today he has been given the all clear so I gather with it being a school holiday and mommy being at work today you’ll be taking full advantage of it.  No doubt I’ll come home to an overheated PSP and a little boy who has sore eyes. 

In eye witness news a little thief has been caught sleeping with a hot water bottle that doesn’t belong to her.  This 2 year old bandit has gone from stealing margarine off the kitchen counter and eating it in the shower to making a scene at bedtime demanding the water bottle is I quote “mine”, taking it to bed with her whilst her brothers other birthday present goes from warming up his chilly feet to being nestled next to her in bed with the purple dinosaur, her blanky and her very much abused baby doll.  The verdict, mommy needs to go shopping this weekend to buy a second hot water bottle.  It should be obvious now that items should only be bought in twofold.  Two children, two hot water bottles, make a note of it.

In other news Zoe is still battling to pronounce her much loved dinosaur by his correct name.  Barney is pronounced “Garney” with a Ga.  It’s a little mind boggling because she can say the letter B perfectly.  We know this because she likes to sing Baa baa black sheep at least 187 times a day.  She’s even been instructed by us on numerous instances that it’s Barney with a Bee to which she promptly queries with us “Garney with a Bee” and looks a little confused.  That confusion is cute and in certain instances quite settling especially when we know she hasn’t worked out that she can climb in and out of her bed yet *insert evil laugh here* She still needs us to lift her in and out whether it’s sleep time or wake up time.  Yes at 6 am when she’s calling mommy or daddy it’s a little tiresome but when it’s 7:30 pm and we need a break, it’s a reassuring feeling knowing once we put her in her bed she won’t try get out.  Give it time and this too will pass and we’ll soon have a Barney calling, climbing out of bed little girl so keep an eye out for further details on the progress of this story. 

On a light hearted note.   The two siblings have been caught on numerous occasions being civil to each other.   On Wednesday night they bathed together and neither mommy or daddy had to to play referee.  There was no screeching, screaming, crying or moaning and to top it off it was longer than 20 minutes.  Bliss!  You see you can do it.  You can be nice to each other, I knew it!  There are signs that you might just like each other after all and there is hope for a social sibling relationship in later years. 

This is the afternoon news on Remember when and to wrap up this news bulletin I leave you with a photo of the two subjects.


12 thoughts on “News in this hour…

  1. they’re adorable! Although I’m guessing tat Baa Baa black sheep gets a bit wearing? And as a little sister, hot water bottle allocation has to be equal!

  2. LOL! i love seeing parents *enjoy* their kids. YOu know what I mean? Engaging them as little humans – awesome post, gorgeous pic!

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