Chitchat for a Tuesday evening…

Life is busy.  I’m a little worn out.

One awesome 40th bash this weekend.  Bow ties, manhattans and naked bums.  Not saying anymore except it wasn’t me.

We leave for Thailand in 12 weeks.  Diet started yesterday.

Ethan really wants to be chosen for a soccer match this season.  Coach promises he will play next week.

My creative husband is working up a storm on his Mac.  His doing something special for a friend.

I hear noises under the shed.  It must be Charlie our rabbit.  I hope it is!

I’m visiting a long lost friend this weekend.  Big Blue I hope you are ready, it’s payday.

Two sleeping bodies snuggling their hot water bottles.  I love the calm after bedtime.

My first collage.  Most photo’s taken this week.  Our life.  Documented with the iphone.


Goodnight readers.  It’s winter solstice tonight.  Sleep tight xoxox


19 thoughts on “Chitchat for a Tuesday evening…

  1. That collage is awesome. Do you print your blog into books each year? You take such beautiful pics and write so evocatively – am sure they woul d make awesome keepsakes for your family. Thailand? Woo – something to really look forward to hey?!

  2. OMW I have that same necklace! My mom gave it to me because it reminded her of a dragon, which I love!
    Alida from “Seize the Chocolate” sent me over here, just BTW.

  3. I leave for the USA in 8 weeks and thanks to a cold that wont leave the diet and extreme workout regieme not going so well. Good Luck for yours:) Where are you going to in Thailand? I was there on my honeymoon a few years ago and it was just fantastic. So envious.

  4. Your life does sound busy – but exciting too :-)

    Thailand sounds as though its going to be awesome and hope that Ethan gets chosen for the soccer match.

    Love the photos as always… No matter that they’re documented with a phone, the important thing is that you’re documenting it.

    1. I am and I’m enjoying it. It’s epic though ~ 900 pages!!! I’m only on 300 right now so I’m sure it’s going to take me at least a month to finish :)

  5. Is that that photo of Jonathan when he was little kissing me? Love it.

    Yip, good luck with that diet! Its the hardest thing to do in Winter!

    1. No that’s Zoe kissing Donovan at the Watershed concert a week and a half ago.

      It is hard, especially in the evening. I am good at work but as soon as I get home I nibble before dinner time!

  6. SO jealous about your trip!!
    Ooh I need to find that instagram app that makes the collages, someone I know had one printed and framed… it looks amazing!

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