The imperial party

June snuck up on us like thief in the night and in a blink of an eye it’s gone. It may be gone but the memories have been captured and even though they haven’t all been documented in paper, they’ve been documented in spirit and mind. The last couple of weeks have been jam packed with birthday parties, baby sitters, delightful company, enchanting evenings and good friends. Each and every birthday bash has been unique in a way that you want to hold onto those special moments where all your nearest and dearest are present and bottle it up. That bottle would come in handy when life seems a little dull and unexciting which the last few weeks haven’t been at all! It’s been a rollercoaster of fun. Saturday night was not the exception.

Jedi Knights, Sith Lord, Count Dooku, rebel spaceships all set the scene for Sean “Vader” Walkers 40th birthday party this Saturday. We made up the imperial troops and the marquee was the head quarters for the birthday celebrations. It was frosty outside but the ambiance inside was anything but chilly….we had soup and gluwein to warm the belly, music to warm the soul and good companionship to warm the heart. Guests mingled, champagne was sipped, glasses clinked and just before it was time to say the infamous birthday speeches my ingenious husband put on our little surprise we’ve been working on for the birthday boy. In all honesty I wish I could take the credit for this but it was ALL Donovan. He did most of the scanning, the touching up of the old black and white photo’s and editing but hey ~ he needed a cheerleader and I egged him on nicely when I wasn’t sleeping. On a serious note I think the little video was a huge hit and I was super proud of my man. It started off as a Star Wars ode and then jumped into a mix of photo’s of Sean as a baby, a toddler, a school boy, a teenager, a rave going party animal, a newly wed to a proud daddy and awesome family man and in-between all of this a top class guy who we are proud to call a friend.

It was blockbuster of a party. We danced, we got out of hand and we did what we do best when we are together, we had fun! To the family and friends that were there that night you all rock.

It’s been an epic month.

As much as I enjoyed every party and every celebration I’m content knowing that July is knocking on the door because there are no big plans, yet. I need some peace, some quiet and some time to gather my thoughts. Hello July. Goodbye June. I’ll miss you. Thanks for the memories.


5 thoughts on “The imperial party

  1. Donovan did an outstanding job as always!

    Thanks for capturing the moments in this blog. Definitely one of the best parties ever.

    Next celebration is your birthday ;-)

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