The year is 1996. I was 19 and I needed to prove to the world I was wise enough to make my own decisions considering I had just matriculated and I was in charge of my own destiny. I could dye my hair if I wanted without getting detention. I could go out on a school night without having to worry about exams. I could watch movies all day without having to work out an elaborate plan on how I was going to bunk that day. I could…and I did.

I also went and got a tattoo.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Two really good high-school friends, a tattoo shop we found in one of the alleys in Melville, sipping on Hunters Gold wandering if I had made the right decision, handing over my hard earned waitressing money and taking the plunge by just doing it and clenching my teeth through every vibration thinking oh my word, this is painful!!! I remember at some stage I actually pleaded with the tattoo guy about not colouring it in. Needless to say he snickered and laughed me off and what seemed like an eternity back then, the pain was over and I was sporting a brand new bottle green dolphin on my shoulder. I was so proud of it and I treasured it!

Even though it’s been a part of me for a good portion of my life it’s time to say good-bye. My bottle green dolphins have faded and it’s lost its charm. I need something new that mirrors the person I am today. After a lot of deliberation I’ve decided to cover it with a design of Africa. I love Africa. It’s been my haven for 34 years and it’s home to all my cherished memories.

Hence I need your help! Even though I’ve decided on the design, I haven’t decided on the niceties of the design. Here are a few illustrations and I would appreciate any thoughts on them… I would love to hear your opinions so don’t be shy.

If I go with the floral design I will only get Africa done and I would stick to earthy colours like browns and oranges?

Which one is your personal favourite?

If you know me personally, which one do you think is more “me”?


12 thoughts on “Tattoos

  1. I think the first one is definitely more you… but may need to be softened a bit.
    Try going through the tattoos on Pinterest there are awesome ones there!

  2. I like the flower one and I love Kim’s idea of replacing the stars with flowers. Give it a more edgy look. Failing that I’d go with the last one. It’s quite different.

    I got my first tat when I was 17. I lied on the form that I was 18 and came home sporting a Chinese symbol on my shoulder that translates to danger. Because I was all badass and whatever else I thought I was in matric. Anyhoo I really don’t like it now because I’m not dangerous or badass or anything like that so I’ve decided to cover it. I have the design (sort of) I just need to find the artist.

  3. Personally I like the 1st one. But I don’t know you…still get a feeling that the flower one might suit you better. Mainly with the colours you described. Hmmmm. Decisions.

    I have a tattoo. Little known fact. Its a butterfly. Because my name means butterfly but it annoys me now because butterflies are so cliche. I got it when I was 21- my aunt gave it to be as a gift. Dont think I will get another. Well, maybe if I ever lose the weight I want to.

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