Twelve more sleeps

Then it’s my birthday. 

I always have a list of things I need.  Not want.  Need.  All things beautiful and different are a necessity, especially if you are a girl like me.  So here is my *wish* list

Photo Album.  One just like this would do.  A pretty brag book of my nearest and dearest.  

A new duvet cover.  Now that it’s winter my bed is one of my favourite spots and I want it to look pretty. 

New cushions for the couch.  Tick.  Thanks mommy for birthday money, my lounge looks pretty!

Olka polka bag. One is sitting in my husbands cupboard screaming my name wanting me to show it off.   This is just an example of the Olkapolka bags.  I went for a the Barcelona Bag, I promise to post pics once it’s safely in my possession.

More frames to add to my photo wall.  The more colour the better.

A relaxed afternoon out with friends watching Prime Circle.  Creative dude that I’m married too will do the invite too….maybe.

A new pot in a burnt orange just like this.  I’m trying out new recipes this year and I want to do it in style please?

Tattoo.  Design almost decided on. Just waiting for a certain friend to decide on hers….tick tock, tick tock, no pressure. 

That’s it.  I’m sure if I sit here a bit longer I could add to the list and append it, then add some more, delete, insert and then add some more.  

I *puffy* heart birthdays.  Mine, yours, anyone’s really.  As long as there is a reason to celebrate and do gifts it’s a good day.


14 thoughts on “Twelve more sleeps

  1. Love those pots!! I got one last year.
    As for the tattoo, have you set a date? Maybe I can come with you, it’ll spur me on to find a design faster

    1. We have set a date to go chat to the tattoo artist on the 23rd….you’re welcome to come with us and maybe you can go through his work and see if that’s who you want to use. His in Fourways :)

  2. Ooh who’s doing your tattoo? I’m keen to find someone that someone knows if you know what I mean? If that made any sense at all :)

    Love those pots. Walked into a Le Creuset store the other day and wanted one of everything. In every colour.

    1. His name is Brian and his in Fourways. He comes recommended by a few people. Can I recommend him to you once his done mine and I’m happy with it?

  3. I LOVE that photo wall of yours. I’ve never seen something so exquisite before. Very cool indeed and I too think that is a great idea for a birthday wish item :)

    1. No but that’s what I’m aiming for…well something similar. I have quite a few frames already, I’ll take a photo at the end of the month and post it here once I have a few more :)

  4. Hi! Stumbled across ur blog and love ur pics etc! Ur list very cool…the paisley duvet to die for,pls share where that is from! Just what am looking for!!!!Thanks love Lumi

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