I love going to a place where your expectations are blown out of the water. I had a certain vision of Wolves and it was a good image just in case you were wandering, but I never anticipated it would be as hip and trendy as it was. I’ll undoubtedly be back with the troops to show off my new find, you see I’m partial to all things Indie and eclectic. The vintage mismatched chairs, the breezy blue walls, the colourful bunting, the unusual art…all add to the ambiance and vibe.

If that wasn’t enough to take in, add a bunch of new interesting personalities and a few old friends to the mix and you have the ingredients for a fun night out. There were prizes to be won and I was lucky enough to walk away with an awesome bag filled with packets of popcorn, which is without a doubt going to be enjoyed by the family in the evenings or in kiddies lunch boxes. Not only were their great prizes there was complimentary, gratis, on the house wine! Not just ANY wine but SA renowned Laborie wine. I had myself a glass or three.

From time to time it’s good to put yourself out there and climb out of your comfort zone. I’m really glad I went and it really was a night to remember and hopefully the first of many more get togethers. Thank you Nicki, Natasha and Angie. I think because you did such a wonderful job with this one you should be nominated as Head organizers from now on :)


10 thoughts on “Wolves

  1. Ooh! Love the new theme/backround (don’t know the lingo)…and it was very lovely to meet you! :)

    p.s. Wolves is awesome! Did you see the boxes of scrabble? I bet they let you sit there are play and eat cake and hot chocolate. :)

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