Mommy Blogger

Rumour has it that I’m a mommy blogger. My blog has been nominated in the Top Mommy Blogger Competition. Thanks to the peeps out there who read my blog and actually like it enough to go out of your way to go and nominate it. I really appreciate it! Once the voting opens I’ll be spamming everyone and asking them for their vote so brace yourself…

I’ll leave you with my favourite iphone pic of the weekend…

My boy. He is getting so big so quickly. We had an episode with him this weekend that’s made my heart sad. I’m missing him a little extra today.


11 thoughts on “Mommy Blogger

  1. Very exciting. Good luck.
    Let me know what happened with Ethan???
    I think I prefer the look of your previous blog. Why did you change it?

  2. Hey Fiona,
    If anyone deserves a vote, it’s you! Such a fab, faithful blogger and one of the best mommy blogger friends around. Thanks for always being so supportive!

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