Paisley walled restaurants and Christmas tree’s in July

There was an energetic buzz on the streets of Parkhurst last night.  4th Avenue’s streets were bursting with a bustling crowd of regulars, newcomers and shop owners.   All in celebration of the Christmas in July initiative for the less fortunate that takes place the last two Thursdays of July.  This trendy little village in Parkhurst is definitely topping my list of hip “out there” shops that stock a wide variety of stylish, chic and unusual things from baby bunting to Tanzanian belly casts to vintage furniture and much more!  There was this certain little shop that I fell in love with.  Well actually there were two or three but this particular little shop stole my girly heart.  It was pretty, it was charming and they had the most heavenly little girl dresses which we are now the proud owner of.  I can’t wait to play dress up and take pretty photo’s.   

The photo’s don’t do the dress nearly enough justice so I’m going to include the link so you can have a peep at their website if you want to see more.  It’s also reversible and the other side is just as pretty!  Much excitement for the countdown to spring now :)

After our unexpected shopping spree we browsed in and out of a few more shops.  I love late night window shopping especially when the shops in topic are jam packed with the unusual arty stuff that I can only dream of furnishing my house in one day.  When I’m grown up and have lots of spending money.  Before we knew it, it was time to head to the attic for our dinner booking.   The décor was eye catching especially the paisley wallpaper and the collage of old vintage photo frames that caught my eye as we were welcomed in by our friendly waiter Jason.   The food was full of flavour, the red wine was more’ish and my husband makes for fine company.  Even though I can be a total brat sometimes he still loves me regardless.  He spoils me. He dreams with me.  He laughs with me and sometimes at me.  He fights with me.  He is my childhood sweetheart.  He is the father to my two precious souls.  He is my love.  Thanks for making my birthday special.

Christmas in July is definitely going to be on our too do list every year in future.  Scarves,  boots, starry nights, wood burning fires, Christmas tree’s in the shop windows  and beer stands on the pavements that are filled with vigorous, energetic Joburgers.    It’s been my favourite Thursday this month, hands down.  To those who stay in Joburg and haven’t been yet, go next Thursday.  You won’t be disappointed.


8 thoughts on “Paisley walled restaurants and Christmas tree’s in July

  1. Would have loved to have gone last night but Luca is so flippin’ sick :( I literally live just off 4th Avenue too – round the corner! I can’t even go next week as I’m off to a healthy hydro for two days on Thursday afternoon!

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