August and what it brings


The last official month of winter.  The month renowned for blustery wind, frosty mornings and airborne kites dotted in the crystal blue winter sky.  It carries a promise for warmer days, speckles of sun block rubbed on chubby cheeks, little feet running through sprinklers and flowers in bloom.  It marks the horizon for much anticipated holidays that were planned last season as well as holidays that were spontaneously arranged a few short weeks ago.   We are going to jam pack the last few winter weekends with photo shoots, super hero picnics, outings to Arts on Main, rugby games, road trips with friends in a van, bowling with the kids, romantic dinners with my husband and lazy Friday nights at home unwinding on the couch glued to our favourite DSTV lineup of Raising Hope and Minute to Win it.   

The most exciting of all, is that we are in the closing stages of the countdown to Thailand.  Six short weeks and we’ll be pulling out and dusting off the old faithful travel bags which I need to state I haven’t gotten much use of the last couple of years, sadly so.  In the past I’ve been the one standing in the doorway, kids on my side, enviously waving good-bye to my husband on his way to one of the many cool destinations he gets to travel to when he goes away for work….Belgium, America, Dubai, Mauritius, Egypt, Morroco. 

Not this time!  This time I’ll be in tow.  I’ll be bringing back the bags packed with the new and unusual gifts to hand out to family and friends.  I’ll be taking the photo’s of the sights we only see in the windowpanes of the travel shops.  I will be making the long distant calls home to find out how the kids are.  I also know, I’ll also be the first to get home sick.  Home sick for little grubby fingers that open fridge doors to steal Hello Kitty Yoghurts, home sick for the sound of a nine year old in play, fighting off evil and saving the world, home sick for sweet good night kisses followed by toddler whispers of “sleep tight” when I close her bedroom door, home sick for the pitter patter of boys running shoes as he dashes to my car when I pull into the driveway after a long day at the office.   My heart will ache for them but my mind will be soaking in the vibrant scenery, the tropical sunsets and the warm blue sea.  I simply can’t wait!

Next month we’ll be celebrating the start of Spring.  We’ll be saying goodbye to winter and we’ll be stripping our icy bodies of the double layers of wooly jerseys and fleecy jackets.  It’s an end to a season which  is easy to say good-bye to because the new season brings promise, sunshine, novel destinations and new memories.


6 thoughts on “August and what it brings

  1. What a wonderful post. I love the way you write and the joy and wonder you clearly see and feel about the world and your life. You have an awesome spirit. It inspires me. Thanks for sharing the way you do. You brighten my day when I read your blog and see your photos and creative images etc. You really seem to know how to LIVE! xxx

    p.s. I hope you have a a fabulous and well deserved holiday in Thailand!

  2. I love the first paragraph of your post about August. So true – waiting anxiously for winter to come to an end.
    Sounds like wonderful times you got planned for the future. I hope the best for you all.

  3. Yay for any season that will be warmer than what it is right now. I always look forward to the winter a little bit towards the end of summer but I think I just want it around for like a week and then it can get warm again :)

  4. Yeah the end of winter!!! I am so sick of my slippers and jackets. I want to get outside but sadly it snowed on Table Mountain today so there is more bad weather heading our way:( Enjoy the planning and excitement for Thailand. Where are you going to in Thailand? If you have any free time go to Koh Pan Nang. The most incredible island and if you time it right you can be there for the full moon festival. I wanted to sell my house and move there it was so perfect. Suited my little hippie soul perfectly:0

  5. Oh! Thailand sounds magical. I imagine that the trip will do your heart and soul quite a bit of good.

    I can’t even fathom the fact that it’s winter for you–we hit 107 degrees today. Yikes!

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