I love Joburg

I love food markets tucked into an old 1900 renovated warehouse

I love Sundays spent with friends under the Olive tree’s drinking Mojito’s.

I love browsing through the classic vintage stalls soaking up an era that once was.

I love the aroma of freshly made oriental stir fry’s and cinnamon infused pancakes.

I love the simple and interesting spaces.

I love the new artistic and interesting 12 Decades Hotel.

I love the rejuvenation of the inner city.

I love the mix of modern, contemporary, classic and antique that fills the market.

I love the delicately drawn pencil art in the foyer of the newly designed 12 Decades Hotel.

I love the laughter, the lively conversations and joking banter between good friends.

I love late Sunday afternoons spent on a rooftop overlooking the skyline of our city.

Life is humbling, breathtaking and amazing all wrapped in one. I love life.


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