Thursday catch-up

We leave for our three day roadtrip with friends at the break of dawn tomorrow morning. This time tomorrow we should be on our way to have lunch in Nottingham road.

Ethan is on school holidays for four weeks.  In-between holiday clubs,  tenpin bowling with friends, a day trip to Gold Reef City, sleeping late, chilling on the couch watching movies, a few days with granny I think he’ll be quite busy and I shouldn’t hear “I’m bored” all that often.  I hope. 

I picked up a bulky envelope of treasures on Tuesday.  183 developed photo’s to be exact.  I cherish my printed photo’s and as soon as I got home we updated the photo wall.

Five more weeks until Thailand.

This week my oldest nephew turned 17.  Seventeen years ago we were waiting in anticipation for the news of his birth and I’ll never forget that day at school where we rushed down the corridors to the school reception for the news broadcast to tell us if my sister had a boy or a girl.  It was an exciting and happy day.

We ordered a vintage style TV cabinet from Arts on Main on Sunday.  It was a real impromptu buy and I wander if we would have considered it we hadn’t had 3 cocktails sitting in the sun before making our way up to the upstairs market.  I’m glad we did though.

I love watching Zoe and Ethan run around the house in the evenings playing hide and seek.  My heart could burst.

You won’t believe this but I’m still reading Shantaram.  It’s my goal to have it finished by the end of the month which means I need to finish 450 pages in three weeks.  It’s definitely doable.  I’m enjoying it so much I’ll be pretty sad when it comes to an end.

We keep chasing a Maine coon out of our garden in fear that it’s lurking in the bushes to catch our beloved Charlie the Rabbit.  Low and behold I saw them lying together on the grass this morning on the way to work.  Could they be friends?

Donovan made us the most tantalizing Thai Beef Salad for dinner last night.  I would have to say it’s the best salad I’ve ever tasted and it will definitely have to be a monthly affair with Summer knocking on our door.

{Happy Thursday Everyone}


10 thoughts on “Thursday catch-up

  1. Gorgeous photo wall. I’m inspired now – I have lots of printed pics I’ve just done nothing with but store in a box which isn’t really the point of having printed pics.

    It would make my heart very happy if your bunny became friends with the Maine Coon. Snap a pic if you can?

    Have a great trip!

  2. it sounds awesome! I have a bunch of photo frames and I keep thinking I must fill them up!

    Have a lovely trip! I look forward to seeing the photos when you get back!

  3. Your photo wall is GORGEOUS! I have one too, but it’s nowhere near as awesome as yours. Mine needs serious updating! I actually have a bunch of frames in my study … just need to print out the pics! SUPER jealous of your Thailand trip – you’re going to have a ball!!!

  4. That photo wall is EXACTLY what I have been trying to achieve in my home but have just never gotten right! Based on how spectacular the photos themselves are, I guess it has something to do with the fact that you are clearly just fabulously creative. You should consult! I have walls….and lots of photos and no ability to hang them in any way that doesn’t resemble a horrible mess.

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