Ludwigs Rose Farm

We decided to have a low key weekend with the kids and if possible, try and get to the things we just never get time for.  We touched up the paint in Ethan’s room because that “plaster ripped off by prestik” look just wasn’t working for me.  We bought Zoe a new pair of shoes because it just wasn’t cricket to send her to school in holey gum boots especially because it’s still winter and her teeny toes were getting a tad cold.  Lastly we decided to take a trip out to Ludwigs Rose Farm because the breakfast voucher attached to the fridge door wasn’t going to use itself and an open Sunday is a rare commodity these days.  So we decided to take full advantage of it.  

The hour trip to the farm was just short of parent torture.  Zoe whined, Zoe moaned, Zoe cried.  After begging with her, pleading with her and shouting at her we let the ipad save the day and for the rest of the trip a little someone sat as quiet as a mouse glued to Dora Explorer.  We are those parents that let technology babysit our children when all else fails.

Peace had been restored and we arrived at our destination in next to no time.  We were a bit disappointed when we realized none of the roses were in bloom but that’s what you get for going in August I guess.  We found the charming little farm restaurant which overlooked a colourful and enchanting play area, a little dam and all sorts of faeries and gnomes hiding in the rose gardens.  When you have an inquisitive toddler and a fearless nine year old you automatically take your seats in the outside area so as to keep an eye on them, like good responsible parents.   Big looming jungle gyms, metal see saws and high speed roundabouts scream danger so what was supposed to be a relaxing morning out materialized into Donovan and I taking turns running after them.  We weren’t keen on any emergency casualty stops on the way home, thank you very much! 

We attempted to eat breakfast together because seriously, who likes cold eggs?  Alas, half way through there was an incident, as is the norm whenever we try and eat a meal simultaneously.  I’m relieved to report though there were no broken bones, cuts or bruises.  All that hurt was a little girls ego and once we picked her up, kissed it better, gave her a sip of her extra sweet milkshake, everything in the world was good once more and she was well on her way to get up to all sorts of nonsense again.  

After the little crying episode which turned out to be nothing serious, we managed to finish our breakfast in relative peace.  When it was time to ask for the bill we checked our watches and realized we had one of two options.  Stay a bit longer and let Zoe fall asleep in the car or race home and let her nap at home.  Guess which one we chose?

PS.  We really did enjoy those two hours of tranquility at home.  I love sleeping toddlers.  Especially ones that have a tendency to whine on our quiet weekends at home :)


6 thoughts on “Ludwigs Rose Farm

  1. The thing I love most about blogs is realizing the chaos that is so often our lives is not limited to us. I’m so used to seeing families who appear to have absolutely everything under control but almost every single breakfast we’ve ever had has played out just like this. iPad babysitter…tick. Screaming car trips…tick. Cold eggs…tick. Racing home to take advantage of nap…TICK. I have an uncle who owns a farm close to Ludwig’s and have done that trip with screaming toddler strapped in the back more times than any of us care to remember.

    Great post…thanks for letting me feel normal :).

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