Do you remember your first pair of Doctor Martens?

I do.  It’s up there with my first kiss and my first high school crush.  I used to spend the better part of my weekend wearing my green suede six hole lace ups. I loved the smell of them, the comfort, the clean yellow stitching and more importantly the memories I made wearing them. 

This weekend Donovan bought me a pair of ox blood 8 hole lace ups.  I’ve been taken back in time. I can’t believe I have a pair of “iconic” shoes sitting on my bed right now!  I have mixed emotions.  I don’t think I’m bad ass enough to pull off that look, like I did with such ease 15 years ago.  I certainly don’t have ripped jeans, grungy t-shirts and a bad attitude to wear with them anymore.  I suppose I could always work around that.  Rules are meant to be broken aren’t they?  I could turn the ragged, grungy look of yesterday year into a smarter chic look for a mom who is still very much young at heart.  I can already visualize it.  I’m hoping it looks as trendy in my head as it will in real life….


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  1. Jenty says:

    Love them! I think you could make them work… definitely!

  2. helen says:

    I’m jealous! Where on earth did he find them? I’ve been looking forever – ever since I got my first pair during a growth sport and they had to go to my cousin after 2 months…

    1. Fiona says:

      I’ll mail you with the shop details :)

  3. alidaonline says:

    They are gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll pull them off.

    I have to tell you my sob story. I was 16 when Doc’s became the big thing in the town I grew up in. I scrimped and saved my pocket money and did odd jobs for my parents to save up the R750 (a fortune back then) for a pair of Doc’s. Finally I had enough saved up and I walked to Edgars to go and buy my pair and they were gone. Not a single pair in the store. I was devastated.

    1. Fiona says:

      Oh no! You must have been so dissapointed :(
      R750 back in the day was a small fortune *shock*….

  4. Catherine says:

    Oh my word! Need the details too please. I owned a pair but never new ones. Mine were a hand me down from a cousin. Loved them though! Adored them. Felt positively invincible in them. Enjoy!

    1. Fiona says:

      Catherine please send me your contact details. My email address is :)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I do remember mine! I was 12, and I thought they were just the best thing ever, even though they were the lame sandal kind. Well, not just any sandal–they were WHITE with a flower cutout, and it was my great hope that they’d leave a flower shaped tan line on the top of my foot. Oof.

  6. Tanya says:

    Gosh I SO remember mine!! I opened an Edgars account to buy them, lol and my mom had to pay in the balance because they only gave me a R350 limit lol.

    I had 8 up blacks. I had red laces in. They were stolen out my car….I loved loved loved them!

  7. blackhuff says:

    I remembered my fist pare but I am happy that those days are over because I don’t like them so much anymore, as I loved them then.

  8. staceylee says:

    Omg, those were the days!! Guess we had to have a bit of rebel in us to really pull them off, especially wearing my little pad locks locked on to the doc marten tag at the back – embarass
    ing!! Kept it simple though, black 8 hole and black laces. I remember my dad taking us to a little shop in Bloem and us picking out our docs.My sister who is 6 years younger than me took the oxblood ones – she looked super funky in them!

  9. Oh gosh yes – I had the classic black lace ups but these are just gorg. And they will look stunning with your long Big Blue skirt.

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