Goodbye and Hello

Goodbye boots.  Hello slip slops.

Goodbye warm hearty soups.  Hello lemon infused tuna salads.

Goodbye fleecy scarves and beanies.  Hello bikini’s and sun tan lotion.

Goodbye chilly evenings.  Hello humid sticky nights.    

Goodbye dry parched landscapes.  Hello Highveld thundershowers.

Goodbye scorching fire places.  Hello frosty ice-lollies.


Goodbye log cabins.  Hello picturesque seaside holidays.

Goodbye barren branches.  Hello new blossoms.

Goodbye frosty lawns.  Hello sprinklers and lush grass.

Goodbye runny noses.  Hello healthier days.

Goodbye indoor roast lunches.  Hello splish splashing poolside braais.

{Goodbye Winter. Hello Summer}

Can you feel it?


11 thoughts on “Goodbye and Hello

  1. Just reverse everything for me, hah! I absolutely am ecstatic about the cold snap that will come my way before too long. Well, November or December, but hey! It’s coming, and I am thrilled!

  2. nope :(

    For some awful reason, it’s still raining on and off in London. The sun peaks out, giving us false hope, and then disappears again. It’s September and I feel cheated out of a summer! Cheated

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