Our week of milestones and change

This week has been our first official “full week” of Spring.  It’s also been a week that’s been filled with news, achievements and milestones. 

Zoe you started potty training this week.  Your cupboard has a little section piled with little pretty panties now.  Your petite bum is totally edible and all I want to do is pinch it when you hop past me.  When you make a piddle in the potty we celebrate by doing the happy dance and feeding you a choc chip biscuit.  You are totally lapping up the attention and in return we have a toddler transforming into a little girl overnight. 

Ethan you went back to school after 5 weeks of holiday.  You sported a new haircut and new school shoes for your first day and came home less a jersey, a lunch box and your homework.   I’ll try not harbor on the fact that this is a skill you’ve mastered.  An ability that sends my blood pressure to alarming heights.  Instead I’ll shift my focus on the fact that you mastered fractions like the mini mathematics genius we know you are and that you showed the essence of kindness by making friends with the new boy. 

Your daddy moved offices this week.  Kids daddy doesn’t work at your run of the mill company in any shape or form.  A tree-house, a man sized slide from the 1st floor to the ground floor, an English telephone booth that functions as a sound booth, a ping pong table, a makeshift caravan food stall, a rock stage and twice a month a tattoo artist and hair stylist has been contracted in so staff can have awesome freebies.  Unbelievable?  Not if you play work where daddy does.  Ethan tomorrow dad is picking you up from school and you get to explore his offices for a whole 3 hours.   I just know you are going to be in your element. 

{pic of daddy’s office}

Your mommy received some news at work yesterday.  There is some restructuring taking place and the bottom line is out of the 60 odd people that mommy works with only 26 will still have jobs at the end of the month.  Yes it’s a little bit frightening but if there is one piece of advice I can give you, don’t ever harbor on the negatives no matter what the situation is.  If one door closes you can bet another one opens and that one is often better.  Worst case scenario is that mommy will be a stay at home mom for a few months and to be honest, I don’t really mind all that much.  I’ll get to spend more time with my two pumpkins and we can have all sorts of fun….. *pause* thats if you promise to keep pooing in the potty Zoe and if bring all your school stuff home Ethan.  

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown


12 thoughts on “Our week of milestones and change

  1. Spoken like the brave mom you no doubt are. Staying at home is delightful and I am amazed at how much work there is…around. Could just be the week that set you free.

  2. It’s been a big week!! I know this change will probably be the best :) (and for me too!!!)
    LOVE the look of Don’s new offices! Just seen some more photos on Paul Jacobson’s blog too

  3. What a cool office, and such a lucky guy to go there every day!

    I love your perspective. The worst case scenario isn’t that bad after all. I’ve been so grateful for the time I’ve had at home with Hannah, especially since it will be coming to an end before long.

  4. Ethan and Cameron seem to have both mastered the art of forgetting very well *sigh*

    The work thing will work itself out and things will end up better in the end :)

  5. Love this post. Your optimism is contagious and it’s lifted my spirits. My husband has found himself as a bit of a stay at home dad at the moment which holds a whole lot of new adventures. Like going to UIF. He came home surprised by the diverse group of people there, all in the same boat, all rowing towards the same goal xxx Like you say, if things didn’t change we wouldn’t have butterflies….much love xxx

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