“Ice Lollies anyone?”  asks one proud mom who earlier that day decided to make some healthy ice lollies for the family.  I hadn’t even completed my sentence and I had two enthusiastic kids lined up in front of the freezer. 

I handed them out, two eager little hands grasping at it like it’s the last food in the world.   I watched them dash for the sliding door leading outside because one rule that is religiously obeyed is strangely the one that has to do with eating sweeties outside.  Ethan is nearly out the sliding door when he turns back and strolls into the kitchen with a quizzical look on his face.

“Mom what flavor is this?” he asks looking a little puzzled.

“It’s rooibos tea flavor.” I reply a little concerned hoping it will still go down okay.

“OK” he replies and wanders outside to join his dad and sister.

“Dad, this ice lollie is different” he announces

“Why my boy?” enquires his dad.

“Because it’s boerewors tea flavor”


7 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. That is so cute… I was going to ask how did you get them to eat rooibos tea lollies, but seeing that they think it is boerewors… why not

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