What I’m going to miss

Bangla Road, the hub of Phuket’s nightlife. From the lively cabaret shows to the laid back beach bars to the energetic buzz of the street life that never disappointed.

The hustling and bustling night markets. The vivacious negotiations over the wide range of Asian souvenirs, tropical sarongs, beach bags, colourful lanterns and so much more.  It left us spirited. Bargaining was always done with a smile.

The Spectacular Fantasea show. Set in a cultural theme park, we were treated to an amazing show hosted in the Palace of the Elephants. It was an Asian Fantasy filled with trapeze artists, performing elephants, a magic show and a cast of hundreds dressed in rich vibrant costumes where we walked away in awe and wonder.

Our gracious Thai hosts. The nation that stole my heart with their dazzling smiles, their mischievous mannerisms and their generous personalities. It’s no wonder Thailand has been dubbed the “land of smiles”.

The brilliant colours of our tropical surroundings. The vibrant streets dotted with multicoloured scooters, red and yellow tuk tuks and improvised vw minibuses that have been turned into tourist loving cocktail bars.

The mystical islands and their intense beauty. The sticky humidity and the monsoon rain hitting our balmy faces on the canoes. Breath-taking views of Phukets beautiful limestone islands of hidden caves, lagoons and beaches. We became explorers that day.

A convertible Jeep, 4 friends and winding coastal roads. We discovered boundless freedom for a day with the wind in our face and the sun beating on our sunburnt back.

The ice-cold local beer that was welcomed by sweaty and exhausted tourists. Those tourists being us, merrily cheering “Ca-chang chang” as we clicked the glassy tumblers together holding eye contact a little longer than normal just because we mutually agreed this was one awesome holiday.

Evening strolls on Patongs charming beach front, fireworks exploding in the evening sky and chilling at the local “dolphin bar” catching up with the locals who take pleasure beating you at various renowned “Thai” games which leave the wallet emptier but the heart fuller.

There is so much more I could write about. So many memories and recollections that I would love to document. It’s been an amazing journey and worth every minute of the wait.

I’ll miss Thailand.


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