Things I know

This time last week we were in Thailand.  It was our last day.  Our bags were packed and we were drinking cocktails at the hotel pool.

I am going for an interview at 11 today.  To re-apply for my position.   Yes you read right.  This whole retrenchment process is weird.  This time next week I’ll either be employed or unemployed.

We’re having a mini family reunion on Sunday at our house.  Sunday morning I’m going to be hard at work making salads for twenty people.

I’m looking forward to a scheduled date night every Wednesday evening.  Romantic dinners, get together with friends or trying new places off the beaten track.  Agnes you really do make our life easier, thank you.

Zoe is literally potty training herself.  She is such a clever little chicken.

We have a busy month planned.  Cricket at Wanderers, dinner with friends, a carnival themed babyshower that I’m really looking forward too, rugby at Ellis Park, my dad’s birthday braai, outings to the Rhino and Lion Park, Kings of Leon concert, girl’s lunch….I’m looking forward to a fun filled October.

I’m itching to go back to Arts on Main for their Mexican taco’s.  The thought of it has me drooling at my desk.

Spending R5000 on front brakes nauseate me.  I despise spending money on a car.  It’s time for a trade in. 

Ethan is a good big brother.  He takes a lot of slack from his little sister and there are times that I can see it gets to him.  I need to show him how much he is appreciated at home.

I miss this place.  I’m aching to go back. 


8 thoughts on “Things I know

  1. I have never been to Thailand and your pics make me ache to go too! We’re scheduled to take a trip to London in November….but think we chose the wrong spot. Have destination envy.

    Good luck with the re-interview. It all sounds a bit grim…sorry :(.

  2. Good luck with the interview… hope it turns out the way you want it to turn out.
    you’re very lucky re the potty training.
    I’m so jealous of your date nights!!
    When I read your plans for the weekends I get so envious… we don’t seem to do any of that fun stuff anymore, I’m too busy :(

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