Same same

Zoe you choose strawberry flavoured suckers over chocolate. That would be my first choice too.

Ethan you think in numbers. Those five words make us similar.

Zoe you love wearing your gum boots. If I could find funky ones in my size I would love mine too.

Ethan you wandered off with my camera yesterday capturing moments. You stole my idea.

Zoe you moan and whine. If you ask your daddy he’ll be of the opinion that I do the same.

Ethan you aren’t the best sports player but you give it your all. Dredged up memories of coming stone last in every single track race springs to mind. I did it with a smile on my face and so do you.

Zoe you are meticulous and diligent. I feel your frustration when you don’t get your patchwork blanky to lie perfectly on the floor. It’s our fussiness that helps us succeed and it can be our demise too.

Ethan you are a master at building forts in the lounge. One of my sweetest childhood memories is hiding in the makeshift tent we would make out of Granny’s kitchen chairs and the double bed sheets we would pinch off the drying line. It’s good to have hideaways even when you are all grown up.

Zoe you have a quiet soul and you generally keep to yourself around strangers. I remember bashfully hiding behind my mom’s skirts on many an outing.

Ethan you meticulously pick out your pea’s and carrots. I can’t get upset with you because they were my nemesis growing up too.

These little oddity’s and quirks give us common ground. It’s what makes families familiar and special all at the same time. You are my two favourite favourites!


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