Wednesdays = Date Night!

Wednesdays have transformed from the tedious to the exciting. From the usual everyday routine of cooking, bathing and homework to the excitement of date night. The build-up starts from the morning. It’s the only day of the week when Donovan gets up before me so he can sneak in a quick shave. Blow drying my hair and picking out an outfit takes a little more effort than usual but I enjoy doing it. We both leave the house in anticipation of a mid-week night off and Wednesdays are fast becoming the new Friday! This idea is still novel, different and out of our normal.

It’s opened up a new world for us. A world of grown up places that don’t have play area’s, changing mats and kiddies menu’s. A world of eating together uninterrupted, of sipping our red wine in peace and of conversations that don’t have to comprise of kiddy talk.

Those few hours slip by like a thief in the night and before we know it, we’re sneaking into the kids room to kiss their sweet little faces goodnight appreciative of having the best of both worlds. So just to sum it up. Date nights rock!


6 thoughts on “Wednesdays = Date Night!

  1. Yay for date nights!!! I hear you on the anticipation part – just knowing that you have a great night ahead is enough to keep you excited and happy all day :) I love date nights so damn much and it’s crazy how easy it is to forget to treat yourselves. Keep it up! xo

  2. Oh it sounds brilliant! My husband and I have played with the idea of taking up ball room dancing lessons (hobby) and combining it with a dinner. It really is something we can look into doing in the new year.

  3. We’ve started doing date nights too. We don’t have kiddies but our schedules are so insane that we often just miss out on spending time together and having a conversation. So once a week we go out and get away from it all.

    Date nights do rock!

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