If you ever wondered if I have a small hamburger fetish, the short answer would be yes. I’ve always been a proud supporter of any good burger. So when I heard rumours of a restaurant specializing in Gourmet Burgers in trendy Greenside I knew it wasn’t long before I could convince someone to go with me. Then I heard another rumour. Wednesdays are rockstar evenings. What a coincidence! We had planned to go this Wednesday. It was a sign.

So we got the troops together and we set off for Dukes. We arrived fashionably early and opted to sit outside in the quirky courtyard under the multi colored lanterns.

While mulling over the rockstar menu, thunder roared in the background and before we knew it we had been rained out by a true Highveld “thunderstorm”. It didn’t wet our spirits though.  We snuck inside and the contemplation continued over what to have. Decisions, decisions! Would it be a “Fuzigish” Burger served between French toast drizzled with syrup, chunky peanut butter and topped with grilled banana’s. Or a “dance, you’re on fire” Lamb patty immersed with peppadew and pineapple covered in a Jack Daniels and peri peri sauce topped with Jalapeno poppers stuffed with feta, mozzarella and haloumi. Alternatively you could try a “Jack Parow” food long Russian cooked in a brandy and coke basting topped with Mrs Balls churtney, mustard and grilled onions. Sounds interesting? It was. The portions were ever so generous so go hungry. The burgers were mouth watering delicious but be warned, expect the unexpected.

Thanks for a great night out Dukes. I’m sure we’ll be back. After all I’m a die-hard hamburger groupie.


13 thoughts on “Dukes

  1. Wait wait! You were at Dukes last night?

    You werent perhaps sitting next to the very loud table of 5 gals and a guy? I.e. me and the Slutwalk Jozi team…

    And if you were, why the hell didnt I see you and I apologise for not saying hi :)

    P.s. Dukes freaking rocks!!!

    1. Serious?
      I didn’t see you. Sorry! I would have definitely come to say hello if I knew you were there. Were you guys closer to the entrance or to the bar area?

      1. We were sitting outside at the back in the one booth :)
        Im blind as a bat when it comes to bumping into people, like I have blinkers on or something, people have literally come and stood in front of me and I dont realise ;)

  2. HOLY COW !!!! – That’s some burger !!!! – I LOVE IT !!! – ( Sadly just Googled them, and it appears we don’t have them in the UK…BOOO HISSSSSS ).

    The very mention of a Jack Daniels sauce makes me want to go to TGI’s who have that too. Damn I want a burger now !!!! LOL

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