Good Housekeeping asked me to do a “Remember when” article for their November edition. It’s out and I got myself a copy yesterday.

Here it is.

Remember when we were young….

Friday excursions to the local corner café with my R2 note pocket money which got me a Richie Rich Comic, a mellow yellow cold-drink and a packet of stinky Creole chips. 

 “Thank you for being a friend” wasn’t just an insert in a Hallmark card.  It signaled the start of Golden Girls on TV on a Saturday night.

Break times were eagerly spent playing “England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales” with Elastic Bands wrapped around our ankles, or “Not last night but the night before, 24 robbers…” with skipping ropes in our hands.

Enid Blytons “Magic Faraway Tree” transported us on enchanting escapades with Jo, Bessie, Fanny, the beloved Moon Face and Dame Washalot.

Eating pizza was cool because of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Bruma flea market still consisted of make-shift stands, dusty walkways and tacky stalls show casing their coloured jeans, MC Hammer Pants and peace sign necklaces.

Monday nights at eight meant it was time to tune in the wireless so we could watch the dubbed “Beverly Hills 90210” on TV and listen to it on the radio in English.  I never did decide who I was a bigger fan off, Luke Perry or Jason Priestly?

Colourful rickshaw rides on the busy Durban promenade in April school holidays. 

Disco lights, primary school hall, standing on the side and hoping someone would ask me to dance to Glen Medeiros’s Nothings Gonna Change My Love for You. 

Where everyone wanted to be in love after watching The Wonder Years

Christmas shopping at the OK Bazaars in Alberton City while “Mary’s Boy Child” reverberated through the centre.

Money worries were related to Monopoly and not by the size of my pay cheque.

Loading up the family car for a night out at the drive-in. The sound of gravel under the car tyres while we tried to find the best spot, fighting with the clunky speakers that rested on the car window, smells of popcorn and the magic of gazing through the windscreen to watch a Big Screen Movie.

Saturday afternoons chilling in Rocky Street Yeoville sipping Hunters Gold in the infamous “Ba Pita”.   

Wearing ripped jeans, Doctor Martens, thick eyeliner and listening to the Cure’s “Friday I’m in love” at the Doors nightclub in Marshall Street.

Packing into an old VW Kombi with our hard earned Rustlers Valley tickets anticipating a wild music festival where showering was unheard of and food was a luxury. 


19 thoughts on “Published

  1. Yay :). Congratulations! A Lovely trip down memory lane, except my Doctor M’s went to clubs in Pretoria. And we used to sing “ag please daddy won’t you take us to the drive-in” a lot.

  2. Congrats on getting published and thanks for bringing back so many memories. I had forgotten about having to tune in the radio to get the original english. Fun times.

  3. Got the mag yesterday only and loved loved loved your article. Your first one made me laugh… mellow yellow and Creole chips…. why on earth did they ever take those off the market :)

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