Egg on your face cooking moments

Kids I was reading the Woolworths Taste Newsletter yesterday and they were asking readers to send their cooking “egg on your face” moments which got me thinking about mine.

I want to share my first “out of the house” cooking experience with you.  I had just turned 21 and daddy and I decided to be all grown up and move into our own little place.  Our first home together was a quaint little cottage in Melville.  I didn’t have a lot of culinary experience but I was determined to try and make a home cooked meal for my man, your daddy.  Growing up, the word microwave was unheard of in our house but our teensy little kitchen in the cottage was equipped with a camper stove and a microwave which I decided to take advantage of.  Bear in mind I had never used a microwave before *insert danger music*.

My first home-cooked meal was to be “I & J Fish in sauce” you find in the freezer aisles of any good supermarket and potatoes.  I decided to start off with the potatoes.  I wrapped them up in margarine, salt and tinfoil.  Then I promptly threw them in the microwave and set it to cook frizzle on high for 10 minutes.   

There was a lot of noise emitting from the microwave!  Zzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzzz, Zzzzzzz, Bzzzzzz.  It was getting louder and more intense. Once I started seeing sparks I thought it safer I go sit outside on the stoep with my glass of wine.  I thought to myself that these machines called microwaves were darn noisy!  Just before this happened

daddy arrived home and saved the day.  And the microwave too.   Apparently microwaves don’t like tinfoil.  I must have missed that memo.  Thankfully the microwave didn’t blow up because forking out money for a new one on our measly salaries back then would have broken the bank.

Daddy still teases me about that day but I need to state for the record that I’ve never had any other mishaps where the microwave is concerned.  Unless that day in the office where I tried to cook a hard boiled egg in the microwave and it exploded counts?   No.  I didn’t think so. 


10 thoughts on “Egg on your face cooking moments

  1. The other day I walked into the kitchen here at our office to prepare my lunch and my boss walked in and put something into the microwave. There was alot of noise coming from the microwave and when I looked over whatever was in it had caught on fire. He opened the microwave and had to try and get it out and into the sink without getting anything else caught on fire. He was rather embarrassed that he had put something wrapped in tinfoil in the microwave. He opened all the windows so as not to set off the alarm causing the water sprinklers to come on and asked me please not to tell anyone. I thought it was hillarious and told my friend :)

  2. I don’t think anyone can say they don’t have a microwave story. I’ve seen what a microwave can do to a pot (and the pot to the microwave). Nothing short of impressive :)

  3. Classic:) I did that while preggies. I was craving a KFC Twister but it was cold by the time Hubby brought it home so I popped it in the microwave with the wrapping still on. Anyway 30 second later I was sobbing because I had done something so stupid. Yes I did know the tinfoil microwave rule. My poor husband had to try and console over something like that. Fun times.
    Please go check out my blog I have a project on there that I would for you to get involved in or just give ideas. Its called Save Baby Reef. Thanks
    Best Microwave story I know actually involves Hubby and a plastic coffee machine from OK. That did cause our microwave to blow its door and spew hot coffee everywhere. We had to buy a new microwave.

  4. Oh, hah! That’s hilarious! I was making quesadillas in the toaster when I was a preteen, and obviously didn’t think it through when I put a napkin underneath to catch the cheese/. Yeah, that went up in flames!

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