A Toddlers Rules of Possession

I’m sure anyone who has a toddler can relate to this

I know I do


8 thoughts on “A Toddlers Rules of Possession

  1. Kaylin recently came home from school with a very expensive pair of Nike takkies. I knew they were not hers so I sent them back to school the next day with a note to say that Kaylin has obviously fancied them, but they were not hers.

    They sat in Kaylin’s class store room for ages and the day before yesterday I noticed that they’d magically appeared in Kaylin cupboard at home again. I guess she REALLY fancied them. I forgot to take them back to school the follow day as it slipped my mind (outta sight outta mind) and when I got to school, there was a massive notice up on one of the other classrooms.


    I knew reported that I had them immediately and returned them to school today.

    …I had to have to have a good talk with Kaylin about taking things that are not hers. She figures, if I like them, I just take them!

  2. Wow that is sooooo true, but i have seen that you were looking for wondebags? Did you find them? I am selling them and using them and I tell you they are the most wonderful things ever invented. I can’t imagine my life without them. I cook in the morning put my stuff in the wonderbag and am free the whole day. which is great when I have two small kids.

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