I’m going shopping for a jar

This weekend.

I guess a see through kind of jar will do best even though it’s not going to be just any jar.  It’s going to be a memory jar.  A jar that will let us peek into the past one day.  A jar that will bring a smile to our face.  A jar that will transport us back to comical stories of the kids and funny things they said.  So starting from the time I actually find this jar, I’m going to make sure I have all sorts of different paper lying around the house.  So when they do something humorous I’m going to jot it down and slip it into the jar.  I have ants in my pants now.  I think I’ll take my lunch hour and go find this jar today.  It’s such an awesome idea, don’t you think?

Thanks to my friend Yvy for pointing out this blog “A thoughtful place”.  Go have a look, she has some lovely idea’s!


6 thoughts on “I’m going shopping for a jar

  1. Such a great idea! I am hoping that one day my blog will be ‘my jar’…where I can look back and remember stuff, that I would have otherwise forgotten…

  2. Love this idea – I’d kind of started one a little while back, putting some photos, ticket stubs, mementos in, but have lost momentum… Writing down memories as often as we can is a great idea to keep it going through out the year – thanks for sharing!

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