Weekend wrap up!

It’s over skedovers.  The end.  Finished and klaar. 

Monday snuck on us like a thief in the night.  It stole the weekend from us and now it’s nothing but a sweet memory.   Sweet memories of hanging out with cool friends, water slides,  averted bicycle catastrophes, birthday celebrations, the resurrection of the Christmas tree, sundowners around the pool, afternoon naps….they all played their part in making this weekend a grand one. 

Ethan your clumsy enthusiasm nearly saw you knock over a brood of old folk while you caught a speed wobble and you didn’t think that maybe the brakes were put on your bicycle for a reason.  There was mayhem and a little madness for those few short seconds but once everyone regained their composure it didn’t hinder your adventurous spirit one bit.  You climbed right back onto the bicycle and you were A for away once again.  This time a little bit more cautious.

Zoe in a moment of confusion and excitement you jumped into the pool.  Without your polly otter on.  You see we normally let you run naked through the sprinkler and I know you know that you can’t climb into the pool without your “costume” on.  When we decided to cover you up with another little costume because we had an impromptu visit from guests I can only imagine you thought it was your safety net costume and it wasn’t.  Luckily we never leave you unattended outside and in lightning speed Uncle Sean was shoulder deep in the pool to save the day.  Afterall an afternoon swim was the reason for their impromptu visit.  The swim just happened a lot quicker than they expected. 

After a little snuggle on mommy’s lap and a few tears your stubborn little nature got the better of you and you were right back in the pool giggling and splashing.  With your polly otter on this time.   

Ethan and Zoe keep being tenacious, determined and courageous.  When life knocks you down pick yourself up.  When life gives you lemons make lemonade.  In other words just keeping being you.

A sneak peek into our weekend according to my iphone.


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