Imagine you go camping.

Imagine a car packed to the brim with a tent, a canopy, two cooler boxes, kitbags, sleeping bags, duvets, pillows, a camp cot, a braai grid, snacks, Tupperware, eating utensils, towels and blow up mattresses.

Imagine two excitable children in the backseat who we picked up early from school.

Imagine stopping at a country pub just a few kilometres from the campsite and being warned that the dirt road is bad and to take care.

Imagine going up the mountain pass and the dirt road progressively gets worse and worse.

Imagine being on top of the mountain and boulders now make up the better part of the road because the recent Highveld storms has washed the sand away.

Imagine the stress when deviating the car body over the rocks only to find a big hole on the other side and BANG!

Imagine the worry when I jumped out of the car and Ethan pointed out the leak, the leak that was quickly forming a small river of oil running down the mountain road.

Imagine the disappointment when we climbed out, looked at the damage and realized the only way down was with a tow truck.

Imagine the anti climax of waiting when we should have been setting up camp. One hour. Two hours. Three hours.

Imagine trying to make light of the situation to a very disappointed boy and a very irritable little girl.

Imagine the relief when we saw the dust in the distance and then the purr of the tow truck.

Imagine our gratitude when a good Samaritan repacked our belongings into his 4 x 4 and lifted us the other 10 kilometres to the campsite.

The following is a true story.


15 thoughts on “Imagine you go camping.

  1. Was this at Mountain Sanctuary. We were there yesterday we left our car at the top, if it is that road the road is hectic. Glad you guy are all ok.

      1. ya. we drove our car half way up and then left it in the middle of no where and went down there with somone else.

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